News: Strictly update 5th August

. There will be some new content on the blog this includes the news updates every Sunday tat I have started doing this will give an update to what’s going on in the world of Strictly and I will also start doing Throwback Thursdays in the weeks to come where I’ll be looking at some of the best, worst and funniest moments scd has had over the years

. The Strictly red carpet will be on the 27th August and takes place at BBC Broadcasting house in London

. The Launch show will be filmed on 31st August where the celebs will be paired with the pro and the group dance will be performed this is expected to be broadcast on BBC One on September 1st

. Bruno tonioli and Debbie & Giovanni have all been nominated for awards in the national reality TV Awards go vote now

.AJ has taken part in the Chanel 4 show hunted for a celebrity special raising money for charity (release date TBA)

. As pro rehearsals start all of the tours come to an end – Giovanni finished his tour Dane is life with Luba a while back but last week Kevin & Karen finished their tour dance as well as Diane Buswell who also took part in that tour

. First week of Pro rehearsals for the 2018 series started this week