Strictly the best …

I just wanted to write some stuff about the show that was just on ..

It actually made me quite emotional watching how this show has impacted and changed those celebrities lives and to know how much they truly did love being on the show and how they still love it to this day.

I think it goes to show how special Strictly Come Dancing really is. It has seen some of the most memorable moments is UK television history and has touched the heart and souls of everyone and anyone.

No matter if there is someone in the show you support or you haven’t heard of any of them, in a matter of hours you do falll in love with and support them all, as it gives us viewers so much joy and love watching them all have so much fun.

In hard times for not only Britain but the whole world as well, Strictly, for me, as I imagine for many acts as an escape and a way to get lost in the magic that is dance and forget about the hard times that we are facing. And for four months, in the cold winter evenings, I get to sit on the sofa and immerse myself in Strictly.

I thank you Strictly Come Dancing for providing us with laughs, tears, shock and elation on a Saturday and Sunday night and I hope and pray that it continues