Dances – Part 2

Kate and Aljaz – Tango

Is it just me or is this really good! From her initial flower in the vase position to her passion to that intensity and even the footwork looks solid and I saw no mistakes. Honestly, I couldn’t have believed that this was Kate a newsreader because she was completely transformed into a seductive sultry mistress who commanded that stage from the minute she did that section in the mirror! I don’t even know how to criticise this because I was entranced from the minute the music started! YAS QUEEN!

Joe and Dianne – Charleston

Another great dance from Joe and I’m starting to worry he peaked too early and got his best dances at the start! Although the swivels weren’t the prettiest, they were there and lord, it was so fast paced and the choreography was so amazing. I didn’t see him miss a step and it was just so clean and not like someone who has only danced for a few weeks! He also smashed those lifts which were so scary and high risk! It was cheeky and I actually loved watching them!

Susanna and Anton – Foxtrot

It’s better than last week and I did see some smooth and elegant bits at the start but, once she got into hold, it all just seemed a bit clumsy and like Anton was dragging her across the floor. She looked stunning but I just don’t think she got fully to grips with it.

Lee and Nadiya – Jive

Well I was so impressed with that jive. Although it wasn’t Jay standard, it was fast paced, light footed and full of energy. I also loved how he was Elvis throughout and put so much character into it. I did notice that he was getting tired towards the end but he put in some welly and it was great to watch, even if the tiredness let him down with the kicks and the precisness of the kicks and flicks!