Dances – Part 3

Danny and Amy – Cha Cha

Danny smashed that! It was so fast paced and high energy and, oh my, he didn’t miss a step! There was hip, there was straight leg and we even had that sharp snap of the legs when he was doing those moves. He might be the eldest but it was so smooth and full of sass and with his stamina, he could give any of the youngsters a run for their money. I loved the mix of content, shimmies and pure dance bliss with so much to watch and all my vision diverted to Danny.

Vick and Grandpiano – Waltz

Well that was a million times better than last week! As well as looking completely stunning in that white dress (#weddingdressgoals), she was so elegant and the two of them played this love story perfectly and were #couplegoals. I didn’t see much of her footwork but her arms were so perfectly placed and I just wish I had her poise – who’d have though Vick would be so much better at ballroom than Latin.

Dr Ranj and Janette – Salsa

Well isn’t he a cutie patootie! I mean that outfit was brilliant itself but it looks like he had so much fun and that meant that I had fun watching it! It had style, his face was smiling and it was just full of energy, I thought he was going to be crap when they announced him but he’s proved me wrong and I just love watching him every week!

Faye and Giovanni – Viennese Waltz

Like always, Faye is so passionate and such a professional. This dance is one of my favourites and I loved this different and smouldering take on such a romantic dance. I saw her attempt a fleckle which was fab and her frame was just perfect – like that flower in a vase that Ian Waite loves. I’ve always love Faye and I think she is just going from strength to strength and, with those multiple Giovanni’s at the start, I can’t complain about any of it. I could actually watch it again and again!