Dances – Part 4

Lauren and AJ – Charleston

This girl never ceases to amaze me. Even though I feel like she may have missed a section near the end, she made up the moves and it seemed effortless. I saw her attempt swivels and she did put all her energy into it to keep this character and try to look effortless. I know she looked terrified and didn’t put in all the welly, but with a dance so fast and dangerous, it was inevitable that there was going to be fear and some hesitation – she will only get better and I see great potential!

Seann and Katya – Jive

I mean it wasnt the best dance I’ve seen but I was smiling all the way through. His face was plastered with a scared smile and I could tell that he was counting all the way throughout because, even though he did the steps, they weren’t in time or rhythm and it just looked like he was trying so hard. I mean I did laugh so hard when he did that thing with the mic stand and those steps but I was so sad that it wasn’t as great as we thought!

Ashley and Pasha

I missed it sorry! My mum just thought it was average so I’ll take her word