Dances Part 2

Kate and Aljaz – Foxtrot

After the beauty of last week, I know Kate is just going to keep stepping up her game and she also looks gorgeous as Jessica Rabbit (though I would’ve loved to have seen Aljaz as Jessica Rabbit). Even with that little slip at the start, I think Kate bounced back perfectly and, like last week, she was seductive, sultry and the dancing was so good – I mean her frame was so nice and her footwork was so precise. I couldn’t even tell that she wasn’t a pro and I am so excited to see where she goes from here because I didn’t expect her to be this good!

Stacey and Devin – Jive

You know what, I was pleasantly surprised about how good this dance was! After last week’s awkward cha cha, It might have been basic but it was all executed really well. Her kicks and flicks were sharp, she had full on energy all the way through and the timing was great. It is hard to keep up with Kevin but she did it perfectly and I can’t complain!

Joe and Dianne – American Smooth

Even though this is my favourite song, I’m sad to say it wasnt as good as I wanted it to be and I think Latin is definitely more his thing. He was adorable but there was some issues with the way he moved across the floor because it was a bit skippy and jumpy, his bum was out a bit but his face just looked permanently in pain. It wasn’t awful but it just didn’t seem natural and had the charisma that I love from this dance! But, it wasn’t awful and I know he’ll do even better the next time!