Dances Part 3

Graemme and Oti – Charleston

After my hatred for the judges comments last week, I can’t see how they couldnt love this! From the start he came down on the web, it was just full power and that didnt mean it lacked in technique! There was attempted swivel throughout, he was cheeky and that energy was 100% and I just loved watching them. Oti and Graemme work so nicely together and I just love watching them each week! The chemistry and trust between the two of them is pure perfection and it helped them in the lifts which blew my mind!

Ashley and Pasha – Salsa

I’m not going to lie: this dance was great! I dont know, I just never feel excited because I know her dance background and, even though people say they’re different, it always helps especially in Latin.

Katie and Gorka – Foxtrot

What a transformation from vixen to sweet and love struck character! You know what, it was such a sweet dance and they looked genuinely in love and it was so adorable! I can’t wait to see Katie improve week after week and she’s looking a lot more confident