Dances Part 5

Faye and Giovanni – Quickstep

Faye never ceases to amaze me and she was quick, light and flew across the floor. I don’t know if its just me but I didn’t think there was nearly enough actual dance content in it and I know it’s hard with the theme of the dance, but I still wish I had more because what she did too was amazing! Her posture for such a fast dance was amazing and I just wish I could be her because it was so effortless!

Danny and Amy – Paso Doble

The Greatest Showman is probably my favourite film at the moment and I just love the 2 of these! Danny is always so good and this was like no exception – like you wouldn’t think he was in his 50s! He was powerful, staccato and his arm shaping was second to none and his partnership with Amy makes everything even better – he showed her off perfectly and I just love that, even though the singing wasn’t great, he made the dance so amazing! #TeamDamy