Dances – Part 1

Joe and Dianne – Cha Cha

You know what, I don’t like a cha cha at all but it wasn’t half bad for one of the hardest dances. I saw so many attempts at that straight leg and it did make the cha cha look a lot more slick and crisp. But, even though he probably tried, I just didn’t see any hips and, because he’s so skinny, it was even more obvious that he didn’t have any hip action and just looked a bit awkward. I loved how into it he was getting and he is definitely improving week by week and his ability to hear the music really helps! 

Vick and Graziano – Quickstep

This was such a cute dance and they looked so adorable. She has really got so much better at acting and the chemistry between the two of them in this dance was so cute and I just felt like I was watching a film. Also, apart from some times where her shoulders were raised into her neck, she was so effortless as she danced across the floor. The timing was perfect and the position of her fingers was so elegant that it all just looked so graceful which made a usually hard dance look so effortless.

Danny and Amy – Viennese Waltz

This is what I love to see from Danny – a smile always makes a dance 100x better and it made me feel so happy watching them dance, not just because I want to be Amy and have that dress. I loved how much he relaxed this week and, along with his attempts at fleckles and beautiful frame, it was just such a beautiful dance to watch – it was so elegant and I could just imagine watching them on the West End or Broadway dancing along to an orchestra and just making me smile!

Faye and Gio – Rumba

I normally hate the rumba but by god, for this dance and week 4, that was absolutely amazing. She had all the emotion we normally never have in this dance, we had amazing and such soft hip action and everything was just so fluid and smooth. It was crazy how much I liked it – the slowness of it didn’t seem to scare her and it just looked so elegant!