Dances – Part 3

Dr Ranj and Janette – Paso Doble

I am actually quite surprised how good Ranj was this week, especially for someone so smiley and adorable. He had this tough and quite aggressive stance – a little camp but a nice amount of masculinity to balance it out. There was beautiful shaping in the arms, focus in the eyes and his footwork and strength is his core on the knee work was so nice to see and he’s definitely improving. He also looks fabulous.

Kate and Aljaz – Samba

Although it may have not been as good as her other dances, the samba is such a hard dance and I loved watching it which is the main thing. She had such rhythm and let go of all her inhibitions and that’s really what this dance is all about! I saw rolls galore and even though the judges have been harsh, I really enjoyed it and she’s so smiley and that’s all that matters. It does upset me how harsh Shirley was compared to other people and not even picking up on positives.

Graemme and Oti – Jive

Even though it was a bit flat footed at some points, it was another dance from Graemme that was just so fun to watch. He’s got so much energy and I didn’t see his energy falter once as he flew across the floor and kept up with Oti both in terms of steps and musically – like the dance was just infectious and I just love watching the two of them dance together. I don’t know if the judges are just being mean because I thought it was mega awesome.