Dances – Part 2

Kate and Aljaz – Rumba

Even without the chemistry that rumbas need (which is always so hard because of the cute relationship), I thought she tried really hard and it was actually really nice to watch compared to others where I feel awkward. Her characterisation was amazing and I just liked how much she tried to get into such an awful dance – no matter what the judges say, with such a hard dance, I have to applaud her.

Danny and Amy – American Smooth

After last weeks amazing jive, I was worried he wouldn’t live up to that but he totally did! There was something so effortless about this dance from his beautiful frame, the elegance of his arms and the ease in which he guides Amy across the floor. Those lift were pure magnificent and I just saw how much trust Amy had with him and I just never feel worried when I’m watching him because I’ll know he delivers. It always amazes me that he’s 58 because he can give anyone a run for their money. Did I love it as much as the jive? No but it was still one of the best ballroom dances this season.

Ashley and Pasha – Charleston

I hate to say it but this was so good, from the swivel to the synchronicity to the characterisation. I can’t really fault it.