Dances – Part 1 (next week I’ll probably do one per couple)

Graemme and Oti – Cha Cha

Apart from the weird song choice, it was an interesting cha cha. Like I have to say that Graemme did amazing with all the Michael Jackson and Thriller moves but, in terms of cha cha, it was just a bit too zombie like. I did see some attempt at straight leg but it just seemed a bit lack luster compared to his other dances and this might be because of the song or just his character. Not awful but not his best… I think it was just not a great song to have with that dance.

Stacey and Kevin – Tango

I always love doctor who themed dances (e.g. Jay’s Charleston) and wow, I really did love this dance. She had proper tango content and executed the moves so well whilst keeping this character of a dominant female. I also loved the role reversals, because it’s something new and it’s nice to see something new on strictly – even though I’m normally a traditionalist, I think they should do a lot more of this. For me, this was a perfect combination of everything I love and it was so memorable, I mean did you see that clock move. Congrats Kevin and Stacey!

Dr Ranj and Janette – Jive

This was quite possible the cutest thing in the world and I can’t complain about it! Even though the outfit was a bit distracting, he had great energy throughout and I love watching him every week. However, I did see a few mistakes and I don’t know if it was the outfit being too much or the whole Halloween thing getting too much but, even though it wasn’t technically great, I loved watching it and he was so adorable