Mini rant… please no hate

I want to do a rant but like I’m going to keep it short and simple. I don’t think Joe is as good as people make out and as the judges make out, in my opinion. He’s getting all these high scores for dances that didn’t deserve it and sometimes I think only Craig judges him without favouritism an it’s blatantly clear that Bruno and Shirley love him no matter what he does. What also annoys me is, on IG, when people state their comments about Joe, they’re hit with rude comments from Joe’s fans which include ‘I don’t like you’, ‘you don’t know anything about dance’, ‘how dare you say that he was overmarked.’ One, everyone is entitled to their opinion so don’t troll through IG finding people to reply to if they don’t like Joe. Two, yes we might not be judges or professionals but most of us have been watching SCD for years and some people have been watching it for longer than most of these fans have been alive for. I get tha Joe is bringing the show publicity and views but it’s also become very vulgar in the community and it’s impacting the other couples when this around of favouritism is evident.

I don’t want to start an argument with anyone over my views but this is just what I think and I wanted to get my opinion out.