Joe & Dianne – 29 (6,8,7,8) – Viennese Waltz

A very heartfelt and romantic routine from Joe & Dianne, and I think he is very good at ballroom dances normall, but for whatever reason this dance just didn’t connect with me at all. On a technical side, the judges were right, there was too much rise and fall and I also didn’t see much turning so it didn’t feel like a Viennese waltz at all to me.

Argentine Tango – 30 (6,8,8,8)

This was an awkward dance to watch in my opinion. Joe didn’t have the strength to lift Diane and really grasp the feel of the dance. It felt forced as well making it loose its magic, I wasn’t to keen on the theme of the dance either, it took away from the whole Argentine Tango passion and intensity that it should have. It was a good effort, but I don’t think it was a dance made for Joe unfortunately.