Couples Choice – All Dancers

Ashley and Pasha – Charleston

This dance was so unique and cheeky – it was just full of so much fun and i just can never really fault her technique and the ability for her to put 110% into everything she does. Even with all this critique and stuff, I hope Ashley can go out with her head held high and be proud of what she’s done.

Stacey and Kevin – Paso Doble

Kevin must be the king of Paso and this dance really was a stand out or Stacey with everything from the music to her dress to the atmosphere. Also, like last time, she pretty much stayed this dance with so much conviction and passion that this dance needs.

Faye and Giovanni – Couples Choice a

Part from being sad they couldn’t do the freaky ass make up, i literally loved this dance maybe even more than i did the first time. It was so unique and i have never ever seen anything like this before and we probably won’t see something like this again.

Joe and Dianne – Charleston

The difference between the time he did that dance the first time and now it’s crazy. It’s definitely shown how much he has improved as a dancer and how much his confidence has improved too. I am sad that we didnt get to see him do ballroom but he was good!