Pairings – Part 2 Guys

Mike Bushall – My sister saw Mike and literally went, “Hasn’t he already been on this show?” My sister thought it was Chris Hollins and he could literally be the same person with the personality and charm, so I don’t really have high hopes for him but it will be fun to watch. No matter how good or bad Mike is, Katya is the perfect partner for this bubbly guy and she doesn’t care what standard they’re at, she’s going to push them the same and have some amazingly fun dances!

Will Bailey – I love it when paralympians come on the show because they really show how amazing they are and that nothing can hold them back. He seems like such a sweet and charming guy and I can’t wait to see him grow in confidence. With the pocket rocket Janette, these two are going to be a really sweet couple and she is so talented that these dances are going to crazy af!

Dev Griffin – I love listening to Dev on the radio and he’s the epitome of charisma in whatever he does. We also know that he probably has rhythm because he loves music and normally they go hand in hand (probably). With Dianne, this team is going to have a tough time paying attention because they are going to be laughing the entire time – I cannot wait!

Jamie Laing – I mean we’re not really going to talk about him because he’s not on the show anymore haha!

OTI WITH NO PARTNER IS MAKING ME SO SAD 🙁 However, there are rumours of a replacement so fingers crossed!