Strictly Dances – Part One

Guys, I’m back!!!

Karim and Amy – Quickstep

What a change from last week? Honestly, is there anything Karim can’t do? From the first beats of the music, Karim had this charisma and personality that was so smooth and perfect for this kind of dance, like he was a smooth operator! Apart from him just being adorable and like just so handsome, i can’t even begin to say how good he was technically. The steps were flawless, the frame was strong and the flair of the dance was just amazing, even the snake detail from the body contact to the swing and sway. Karim couldn’t have done this without Amy who consistently produces amazing choreography with a mix of solo and sections in continuous hold. This along with their amazing partnership just made for an amazing dance.

Michelle and Giovanni – Paso Doble

This was a very brave move from Giovanni from the choreography to the whole feel of the dance. It may not have been my favourite dance of Michelle, but by god it was still amazing. By wearing the skirt and then removing it to dance in pants, not only showed that Michelle was capable of doing the skirt-ography, but also this strength to it where it felt like they were both fighting each other. It was very different from the usual male/female dynamic with both of them taking this male-esque stance and it worked perfectly and was so empowering. It had all the basics done beautifully and she had these amazing arms and shaping from start to finish. It was so simple but massively effective and personified who Michelle is as a person and her partnership with Gio.

Emma and Aljaz- Samba

Samba is one of the hardest dances of all time and completely different from Emma’s personality. I didn’t know what to expect to start with and I was slightly worried. After the dance, i was slightly more confused than anything. It had all the basics in there and surprisingly, there was a lot of sass and great musicality from her from start to finish with a lot of energy. However, it just seemed all a bit elegant which is bizarre to say in a bad way. Normally you always want someone to be elegant, but not for this dance. Here, you want dirt and sharpness rather than being ladylike. Luckily for Emma, her personality was on show here and it really made the dance so easy to watch. I think it was the pace of music and the elegance that put me slightly on edge, but she did so well considering how hard that dance is and the type of person Emma is.