Strictly Dances – Part 2

Michelle and Giovanni – American Smooth Foxtrot

Once again, Michelle and Giovanni have knocked it out of the park. It was just the perfect dance from start to finish. From the way it started with the story of Michelle trying to get Gio’s attention to the dance itself from Michelle being cheeky and trying to lead on Gio. There was sass, swing and sway plus some absolutely amazing footwork and technical dancing. It had the traditional moves you want in a Foxtrot, with a bit of sexiness and temptation. For me, every week, I can watch these two and not have to worry about anything because they epitomise consistency and quality. It feels like I’m a broken record because I can only ever say positive things about these two. It was so good and I just can’t say anything bad!

Emma and Anton – Couple’s Choice

I dont know who loved this dance more: Anton or Emma? I mean Anton was in his camp element and I was living for it. You know what, this was a really good dance for Emma. I’m normally reluctant to praise these couples choice dances because it’s not Strictly, but it gives the celebs a chance to show us that they can dance. It was cheeky, saucy and combined everything that we love from musicals: the fossy, sassy and almost understated style. We saw Emma’s personality shine in this dance and I was Uber impressed. More couple’s should do musicals because its an underrated art form.

Saffron and AJ – Waltz

This was worlds away from last weeks dance and absolutely amazing. It was soft, technical and full of emotion. It was almost beautiful in an understated way from the set to the outfit to the music. Sometimes, an amazing song really makes advance really special. I’m normally a critic of Saffron because the judges do sometimes favour them. However, they deserved this and you can see that she’s working hard and taking on all the comments the judges have.

Kelvin and Oti – Salsa

Holy cannoli, what a dance. I mean I knew Kelvin had hips to die for, but by god I think he upped his game. Down to Oti’s choreography, this really showed the best of Kelvin in every single way and it had everything but the kitchen sink in it. There were amazing lifts, amazing hips and armography to die for. Sometimes, I just forget that kelvin isn’t a Latin sensation because he takes to it so naturally. He also works perfectly in harmony with Oti and together they really create magic. Kelvin is so natural and everything he does seems effortless. I always love watching Kelvin and this dance was no exception.