Strictly Dances – Part 4

Chris and Karen – Rumba

uh oh. You know wha, that initial thing was mean. Technically, there wasn’t much power in the feet and I didnt see any hips (apart from Karen’s amazing hips). However, wow, this was actually a really beautifully performed dance from start to end. It was so emotional and the story telling just pulled me in from start to end. It’s so amazing to see how far he has come not only in the way he dances, but what he shows on his face. He is a comedian for goodness sake, and he is producing things like that. Things that could make me cry and want to watch a full on film based on it. The judges were harsh on the technique, even though it was definitely not the worst rumba I’ve ever seen, and I love Chris.

Karim and Amy – American Smooth

If that last dance was passion, this was pure adorable from start to end – it was literally the epitome of cute. I knew American Smooth would be great because, not only does it have a lot of technique, it has this flair and stylistic essence that Karim always does perfectly. Apart from that and the amazing musicality, it was technically perfect from the footwork to the frame throughout. Like Chris and Karen, I felt immersed in a little story of a couple in love. The two of them just work perfectly together and look like a proper little couple, even though I know thats not the case. The music, the set and the outfits all worked together like clockwork and with the amazing choreography from Amy, it just all worked and I would happily watch it again – just not in the dance off!