Strictly Dances – Part 3

Emma and Anton – Waltz

Well wasn’t that lovely… and definitely so much better than her last dance. Apart from occasional gapping and sometimes being too much on Anton’s side, it was a beautiful dance and everything came together from the dress to the music to the partner to the choreography. It was such a simple dance, but her and Anton worked as if they were one and they dont call him the King of Ballroom for nothing. The choreography was perfect and so elegant and just showed Emma off in the perfect way. It all just blended together and the small changes in music with the changes of movement just blended together. It was almost as if the two of them were gliding on air as they floated across the floor – it was heavenly.

Kelvin and Oti – Paso Doble

Holy cow, what a night it’s been for Kelvin and oti – I dont even have words for this dance. From the amazing song, to the choreography, to the outfits – I mean this was fire burning. He had this passion, intensity and that was just the character. Never mind the technique. We had literally everything you want in this dance. There was beautiful shapes in the arms, body and legs, Amazing knee slides and just everything was done with staccato. Everything was done amazingly together and it all just seemed to come together. I do not know what the judges were on but I bloody loved it! There was nothing I disliked about it.