Strictly Dances – Part 2

Chris and Karen – Viennese Waltz

Bless Chris, bless his little sicks. I am actually surprised at how good this dance was. Considering a few weeks ago, Chris hated ballroom and couldn’t even get higher than a 5 in ballroom. However, it was so adorable and technically, it wasn’t too bad at all. He did most of the footwork really well, his frame was solid from start to end and his little fingers looked so delicate that it could’ve been a professional. Also, what i loved was how much he got into the story with Karen. It was actually adorable! I think people sometimes forgot that he is a complete novice, but I would happily watch it again.

Karim and Amy – Argentine Tango

Wow. It was so mesmerising from start to end. Like, even though sometimes Karim looks like a little boy compared to Amy, he stuck to the character and really sold the dance. Vincent was right when he said this was such a complicated dance. It had a great number of music changes and also the technique was overall very good and staccato. I did see a small balance issue when he was attempting to do a pivot, but it is so hard when you have to be so powerful throughout. It wasn’t Karim’s best but it was such a hard dance and he did amazing for what its worth!