Strictly Dances – Part 1

Emma and Anton – cha cha

It’s the semi finals and I was really disappointed with that performance. I will give her credit because the cha cha is one of the hardest dances, but I just didn’t see the technique that I love. There were no straight legs, no hip action and it all just seemed very careful and nervous. She did have an amazing face throughout and really sold the dance from the start to end. I think the issue was that she just seemed so scared and nervous, that it almost seemed timid. I also dont think that the music helped and was not a good song for this dance. However, she tried very hard and I think she was unlucky to get this dance so late in the competition.

Kelvin and Oti – Quickstep

On a more positive note to start the semi final, what an amazing dance. From the second both Oti and Kelvin stepped onto the stage, it was pure magic. It helped that they probably had one of the best possible songs, concepts and outfits humanly possible. But also, the technique was second to none. It was light and elegant throughout with picture perfect footwork in a crazy complicated choreographed dance. Add that to the fact that his framework was solid from start to end and how the two danced together, just made it so amazing. It combined your traditional quickstep with the charisma in the solo bits to really play to Kelvin’s strengths. Honestly, it was so magical and I couldn’t tell who the pro was if I didnt know!