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We have our winners… what does everyone think?!


So, thats all the dances done tonight and what.a show it has been! Who does everyone want to win and who does everyone think is going to win?


Couples Choice – All Dancers

Ashley and Pasha – Charleston

This dance was so unique and cheeky – it was just full of so much fun and i just can never really fault her technique and the ability for her to put 110% into everything she does. Even with all this critique and stuff, I hope Ashley can go out with her head held high and be proud of what she’s done.

Stacey and Kevin – Paso Doble

Kevin must be the king of Paso and this dance really was a stand out or Stacey with everything from the music to her dress to the atmosphere. Also, like last time, she pretty much stayed this dance with so much conviction and passion that this dance needs.

Faye and Giovanni – Couples Choice a

Part from being sad they couldn’t do the freaky ass make up, i literally loved this dance maybe even more than i did the first time. It was so unique and i have never ever seen anything like this before and we probably won’t see something like this again.

Joe and Dianne – Charleston

The difference between the time he did that dance the first time and now it’s crazy. It’s definitely shown how much he has improved as a dancer and how much his confidence has improved too. I am sad that we didnt get to see him do ballroom but he was good!


Showdance – Joe and Dianne

Before I start, here is the bad thing: HE SHOULD NOT HAVE PUT TEM DAMN FORTNITE MOVES IN… now breathe…

Apart from that start, this was actually one of my favourite dances of the night and it was definitely something I would love learning from the song to the set o the outfits to the moves. It was soo fun with the pyro and the trampolines but really it was just full of great content and showed how much he has improved from the start of the show. The two of them work so well together and they put on a proper show dance that i would happily watch again *i mean except the start* because it combined everything i love in a showdance! GO JOE!


Showdance – Faye and Gio

Now that is what I call a showdance! It was sparkly, old fashioned Hollywood and just full of everything I love about a showdance. The technique was obviously amazing but for me it was just the whole feel of the dance that was amazing. Like sometimes things just all fit together rom the set to the choreography to the music ti the outfits – like always, i just cant find any faults and i would happily watch it again. It was full of different shades, different tempos and that part in the spotlight was just so fun and unique. Fred and Ginger-esque with the right amount of Gio and Faye in it


Showdance – Stacey and Kevin

This is what a proper showdance should be, full of sparkle, moving sets and music that makes me want to jump out of my seat. Initially it was full of energy, the timing was impeccable during a really hard bit of choreography that was so creative. I mean i also was in love with her outfit that was so sparkly and Oh my gosh i want it so much! I did see her lack some energy towards the end but overall, i really enjoyed it and its a great way to summarise her journey and Kevin really smashed it out of the park with such high energy choreography compared to his other ones which were always more emotional.



Showdance – Ashley and Pasha

You know what, this is a dance i could see on the stage in a show because it was obviously so beautiful and elegant -almost ethereal! I dont think i would ever expect anything less (i mean i did see a time where they were out of time but let’s stop dwelling on the negatives)! I don’t really ever have any critique for a contemporary dance so I’ll just say I enjoyed it but just wish it had a bit more of a story!


Judges Choice – Joe and Dianne – Paso Doble

What an improvement from the first time! I mean i know I’m always so critical of Joe especially when it came to the scores from the judges but I am so proud of how far he has come and I really just wish he was properly praised when he deserved it (like now) because I feel like it would have meant more to Joe. He had so much more control during this dance, the shaping was a lot better and the intensity on his face looked like he was really leading the equally as sassy Dianne. The two of them work so nicely together and, like i said, even though I’ve been critical Joe has seriously improved and does deserve his place in the final. Congratulations Joe and you know what, it’s amazing from someone who is in no way a dancer and began a novice.


Judges Choice – Faye and Gio – Viennese Waltz

Oh my gosh, if I loved it the first time, i think i loved it even more this time because this was probably one of my favourite dances this whole season. I loved the different spin Gio put on such a traditional dance and I definitely saw how much she’s improved on her footwork and hold. However, for me, the main thing was that they stuck to the same passion and intensity that she had the last time and that was definitely there. The chemistry between the two of them is ways electric and, even though there’s ben rumours about her dance past, if we’re judging it on her dancing in a band and that difference to now – she is one of the bests and has also improved so much which would have been hard because she’s always been so good! #GioandFayetowin


Judges Choice – Stacey and Kevin – Foxtrot

I loved this dance the first time and i think i loved it even more this time from the outfit to the dance to the concept to the music. It was fulll of fun, elegance and just a lot of charisma which is always key in this dance. I saw no problems with her footwork, her frame was elegant and strong and her face was just full of joy and happiness. Honestly, her journey from start to end is amazing and what i love more is how normal she is – like she could be my best friend. If I wasn’t so annoyed about the favouritism the bbc has for wanting Stacey to win for Kevin (who i still love), then she would be my front runner – however, i still think she is amazing and i loved watching this dance and her journey.