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The best dance off goes to Saffron & AJ and Karim & Amy

Their was so much emotion during this dance off, everyone’s complete shock at Karim being in it and Saffron’s determination to stay in the competition. I picked this as the best dance off because both couples improved from their first performance and the tension was so high. Karim was always going to win in a dance off no matter who he was against ( except Kelvin maybe) but after the history of who the judges were picking t go home in the past on this series who knew what was going to happen.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

It’s that time of the week…

Sadly this week we have to say goodbye to Saffron & AJ

Another couple who have left the competition way to early, Saffron is an amazing dancer and had so much more to give I was convinced that she would be in the final. It has been incredible to watch her improve week on week and both her and AJ have given us some of the most memorable dances of the series.

Saffron & AJ – Samba – 5, 7, 7, 7 26

Saffron had a lot of confidence and the beginning which was great to see, AJ put in lots of content that saffron executed well as it did look quite difficult. However i found it to be a bit slow and it felt a bit lacklustre towards the end, but this was an improvement in her latin.

Saffron & AJ – Quickstep – 8, 9, 9, 9 35

Saffron is really coming into her own with the ballroom dances and she great characterisation which has been improving week on week. The sections out of hold were amazing, in sync not just with AJ but all the extra dancers as well. The split and lift was amazing, it was such a shame that she made the few tiny errors.

Blackpool Dances – Part 2

Kelvin and Oti – jive

Wait, which person is the celebrity and which are the professionals. I mean seriously, this was such an amazing dance and Queen Oti has once again given us a legendary dance. From the concept to the music to the technique, I couldn’t really fault it in any way. The bounce from the dancefloor definitely helped give Kelvin this real light essence throughout the dance and it was almost as if he was dancing on air. His kicks and flicks were precise, his characterisation was on point and the energy was off the chart from start to end. I dont even think I can praise this boy enough and, with Oti, he is really creating magic and some memorable dances.

Saffron and AJ – Quickstep

They always seem to get the best dance, the best music and the best outfits – its like they destined her to shine at Blackpool. Like always, AJ choreographs some amazing dances and she flew across the room. I think sometimes that speed and complexity meant that she made mistakes and sometimes it looked a bit messy. They really put on a massive show and it was a dance set for Blackpool.

What am amazingly musical way to start Blackpool with all of the pros and celebrities together 😀

It’s Blackpool Time for Strictly

This weeks dance of the week goes to Saffron & AJ’s Waltz

She topped the leaderboard this week and she absolutely deserved to! A beautiful dance executed to perfection. She is growing so much in this competition, most notably in her acting and overall performance skills, the storytelling in this dance was amazing.

Saffron & AJ – Waltz – 9, 10, 10, 10 39

Saffron’s performance and acting skills have come such a long way, the emotion and feeling she put into this dance was excellent and really told a story. This was such an improvement in her ballroom, beautiful in hold, and technically very good. The drag towards the end of the dance was fantastic as well.