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Hey guys, before the last of the dances, I want to say that I’m going to start making GIFs again from tomorrow and I hope you love them ❤️


Dances – Part 2

Katie and Gorka – Jive

She is so inspiring but as much as I hate to say it, like it’s just not as good as some of the others. Even though her acting and personality is shining, she’s just so flat footed and makes her steps look heavy. It also seems like she’s not really beating that music which means that she’s out of time on a lot of it. However, she is such a joy to watch and I love seeing her blossom.

Charles and Karen – Salsa

YAS! He definitely came back with a bang and I was shimmying the entire way through. He was full of so much energy and those hips really don’t lie – like I think I was entranced by his charisma and the fact that he just owned this dance! Also, the lifts were so magnificent and he even made sure he saved that lift which could’ve ended so badly for Karen. He can’t be in that bottom two again because it was fire 🔥

Lauren and AJ – Quickstep

Even with those mistakes in the footwork, Lauren did really well to get back Into the dance and it was overall so cute to watch and it did seem so elegant. She kept up with AJ across that floor and even if it was slightly skippy, she was full of energy and I felt like she put 100% into it and it’s so much better than some of her other dances and the only way is up. She’s like a changed woman and this dance really brought out her personality

Dances Part 4

Seann and Katya – Paso Doble 

Omg is all I can say – what a transformation! This is why Katya Jones is one of my favourite people ever! The choreography was amazing from Katya being absolutely flexible and like not human to that slow motion section which blew my mind. I also can’t forget how well Seann did, like he had the passion, he did those steps so well and his arms had shapes that were like professional dancers. It’s crazy what a difference a week can make and it was one of my favourite paso’s ever! Like, Katya created another masterpiece and Seann did it so much justice!

Lauren and AJ – Cha Cha 

Lauren always tries her hardest but the problem with this dance was it did show her weaknesses. I didn’t see her drive the energy and this wasn’t helped by the lack of hip and straight leg. I know she’ll come back fighting and maybe, like a lot of other people, ballroom is her forte and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Charles and Karen – American Smooth

Omg (again) – this was so cute and I’m like fangirling how cute it was! He is literally such a smooth operator and can make my heart melt with how handsome and romantic he is! He also had really nice technique, I mean his hands were so elegant and never seemed misplaced, he glided across that floor and just made the whole dance seem so easy because he looks effortless and just floats across the floor and makes Karen look amazing. I also can’t tell you how much I loved those lifts – LIFT ME CHARLES! 

Last week’s pro dance was pure beauty and pass…

Last week’s pro dance was pure beauty and passion


Lauren & AJ – Charleston ( 5, 6, 5, 6 ) 22

A very risky Charleston but it really paid off. I loved the version of the song they danced to and Lauren had a lot of brilliant technique in that dance. Those lifts could have really were a make or break and luckily it really added to the performance and it shows the trust they have in each other, so early on in the show as well which hopefully means some more daring lifts to come.

Dances – Part 4

Lauren and AJ – Charleston

This girl never ceases to amaze me. Even though I feel like she may have missed a section near the end, she made up the moves and it seemed effortless. I saw her attempt swivels and she did put all her energy into it to keep this character and try to look effortless. I know she looked terrified and didn’t put in all the welly, but with a dance so fast and dangerous, it was inevitable that there was going to be fear and some hesitation – she will only get better and I see great potential!

Seann and Katya – Jive

I mean it wasnt the best dance I’ve seen but I was smiling all the way through. His face was plastered with a scared smile and I could tell that he was counting all the way throughout because, even though he did the steps, they weren’t in time or rhythm and it just looked like he was trying so hard. I mean I did laugh so hard when he did that thing with the mic stand and those steps but I was so sad that it wasn’t as great as we thought!

Ashley and Pasha

I missed it sorry! My mum just thought it was average so I’ll take her word 


Lauren & AJ – Waltz ( 6, 6, 6, 7 ) 25

So sweet and actually very impressive considering she only had two whole days to learn it. I think Lauren will suit ballroom but her Latin will be interesting to see hopefully she proves me wrong and is brilliant at those dances as well. I think they have a great partnership and this is a real challenge for the both of them and so I look forward to seeing how they adapt their dances to suit Lauren


The professional dancers of Strictly 2018 P.T.1

Dances Part One

Danny and Amy – Foxtrot

I was so surprised that they gave him a foxtrot this week because it’s such a hard dance but he really started the show off well! It obviously wasn’t perfect because I saw some slips, some timing issues (in the solo stuff) and quite a lot of gapping but the main thing is that he has rhythm, he has style and elegance and he just looked like he was loving every moment of it. He was slick and suave and it all looked perfect for this style of dance because you have to be a showman and he definitely is! I loved Amy’s choreography and she perfectly blended solo stuff with the moves in hold – he has great potential and I can’t wait to see him improve!

Kate and Aljaz – Cha Cha

This is a lot better, cha cha is what I expect from a week one dance! Kate remembered all the steps and she has the confidence which is always a bonus for week one. However, apart from getting the steps right, I saw some issues like her legs weren’t straight and I didn’t really see any hips but you know what, she owned the dance and I loved how she threw herself into the dance and had great fun with Aljaz! It wasn’t perfect but Craig’s being harsh because she tried and I saw signs of rhythm. 

Lauren and AJ – Waltz

I was mega impressed with this dance and Lauren did everything I could’ve expected. She was so elegant and it was almost like her and AJ moved together as one with such ease and poise. There were some moments where she looked like she was running to catch up with AJ, but overall, it was such a sweet dance and she had pretty nice posture for so early on! I can’t wait to see how she and AJ get on because I see amazing potential and can’t wait to see her in more slow dances and see how she does in the fast pace routines! I am even more amazed considering she did this in 2 days – crazy!

Sean and Katya – Tango

You all know I love Katya and I am a massive fan of Sean so this has to be a match made in heaven! You know what apart from the crazy ass song, this was pretty epic for the first week! Apart from a bit of campness sometimes, Sean was so good – he had the passion, all the steps were there, his top line was decent for most of it, his bum was in most the time and Katya threw in some great moves that added power to this song! I think the best thing was his characterisation and I loved the twist! I see what Shirley means about the lift but that was uncalled for talking about his hair – it’s irrelevant and taking away from his solid dance! I know their professionals but I don’t agree with the judges!

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