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The award for most improved goes to Alex Scott MBE

This was really a toss up between Alex and Chris, as I truly believe the Chris improved so much during the show as a dancer and each week he was getting better and he made it to the semi final. However, the reason I give the award to Alex is because not only did she improve each week in her dancing ability, she improved in her confidence and in her performance which it think is something Chris already had even before the show. Alex faced a real challenge with changing partners for a few weeks, which she handled brilliantly and also getting some tough comments from the judges, she proved that she was a fantastic dancer and produced some incredible routines.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Alex Scott wins the Strictly 2019 award for best hair

This dance was incredible, the costume, the set, the extra dancers, everything came together and the hair was the cherry on top. So well though out and wonderfully executed.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

A tough decision but this week we have to say goodbye to Alex & Neil

Alex has been a joy to watch throughout the entire competition, I love the fact that she threw herself into every dance and gave it all a good go and I couldn’t think of a better person to be Neil’s first dance partner either. She has demonstrated why I love the show so much, by being able to see her improve week on week and seeing her confidence growing and her personality shining. She has been a joy to watch!

Alex & Neil – Sister Act – Samba – 6, 7, 7, 7 27

Alex was working with backing dancers very well, it was a fun routine and you could tell she was enjoying dancing it. However, this was not the right song for a samba which meant she couldn’t get a lot of the technique in to the dance and I agreed with Bruno that it felt more like a street commercial dance than a Samba.

Alex and Neil – Samba

I am never normally a fan of the samba, but this so effortless, so cool and so enjoyable that I couldn’t help but love it. There was some bounce, energy and it was a perfect ode to the musical. On top of all those Sister Act quirks, it actually had a lot of samba elements all executed really well and blended well with the more modern and street dance steps. She had so much energy and working with Neil, it just had so much energy and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Sometimes this dance can look stiff, but the music and the way they danced gave it the carnival theme. To me, it had the traditional samba vibe more than any other samba that I’ve seen this evening. Like I said for Chris, in a week like this, sometimes enjoying it is a lot more than looking at the technique.

Alex & Neil – Argentine Tango – 4, 7, 7, 8 26

Alex was dramatic and her partnering skills with Neil have improved so much. Sadly this dance was riddled with mistakes, the first lift wasn’t great, balance wobbly coming in and out of sequences in the routine. However, a good first attempt of a dance which is notoriously difficult.

Alex & Neil – Paso Doble – 8, 8, 9, 9 34

Alex was strong and powerful throughout, I loved the female empowerment theme of the dance. She was able to blend in with the other female dancers effortlessly, and she looked incredible. I did feel like her facial expressions were sometimes too exaggerated and aggressive when she was gritting her teeth but other than I really enjoyed the dance and amazing choreography from Neil.

Blackpool Dances – Part 1

Chris and Karen – salsa

I want to congratulate Karen on choreographing a party dance. We know Chris isn’t the mot comfortable with Latin dances, but this played to his strengths. It had the hips in which he really tried to do, but mostly it was just Chris having a lot of fun. There was times where there was proper salsa content and then sometimes it was just Chris having a bit of fun and dancing. He sold it from start to end with energy and i didnt actually see any mistakes. The technique or lack of it was probably covered by the huge set up, but it worked. Like i said, Karen really did amazing things with Chris and he combined fun with attempts at hips that, a few weeks ago, we couldn’t have even imagined!

Emma and Anton – American Smooth

With the King of ballroom, there were high expectations for Emma and Anton with the American Smooth. It had a great song, great outfit and great set up which made for a really nice dance. She kept this nice frame throughout and had this air of grace about herself that just meant she glided across the floor. It was definitely a beautiful dance and everything just fitted together and with Anton, it was one of her better dances. However, as good as I thought it was, there still seems to be something missing with Emma and i cannot put my finger on it.

Alex and Neil – Paso Doble

With a song like this, a dance like this, Alex really has won the jackpot and she slayed throughout. It was such a risk having Alex come out by herself and do a huge section alone, but she was amazing. From start to end, she had this intensity in her eyes and also this passion throughout her body. You could see that sh was really concentrating on the shaping whether it was her arms or her body. Alongside some really nice technique, it was full of so much sass and was really empowering from women. Considering she started the competition with no experience and being unable to perform, she owned and sold this dance so well. I didnt think I’d love it, but I did with the combo of paso and Queen B!

Alex & Neil – Jive -7, 8, 8, 8 31

Alex’s confidence keeps growing and you could see it during this dance, lots of content and she did a really good job executing it with brilliant footwork with no mistakes. High energy and like Shirley said very light on her feet. The only negative I had was to accentuate her kicks and flicks.

Alex & Kevin – American Smooth – 7, 8, 8, 8 31

Alex’s personality really shone through in this dance and you could see that she loved performing this dance. Her frame still needs work as her shoulders were tensing and raising slightly, that being said this was her best ballroom so far. And I love seeing the grow in her confidence like bruno said and this is really helping her to improve.