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I did love this dance and I am so happy that she got to do it again with those minor corrections and improvements! Once again, this dance was so nice and elegant and it just oozes class and grace, I can definitely see the improvements in her arms and hands and it was definitely a great way to start the show! I don’t think I can critique any of the finalists but I just want to say that this was a beautiful dance to watch and it was pure West End glamour! 

Happy Final Day!! I can’t believe this years gone so quickly 😭😢 what are everyone’s predictions for tonight?

Alexandra & Gorka – 39 (9,10,10,10) – Viennese Waltz

A beautifully, romantic choreographed dance. Effortlessly performed. The technique was brilliant and she looked so beautiful and confident dancing which is lovely to see.

40 (10,10,10,10) – Salsa

The first 40 for Alexandra & Gorka and it has been a long time coming for this pair but it was thoroughly deserved. Such a fabulous song to dance to, wonderful for a semi-final. Alex looked like she was having so much fun and really giving it her all.

Our Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Finalists !!!!!

And this is why I don’t understand why people don’t like her! This was a pure, firey salsa and I couldn’t see anything remotely wrong with this. She was sassy, firey and full of that salsa passion that I love to see – she had hips, isolation, flow and those lifts were somewhat of a spectacle! I can’t even put into words how good it was (even though I am still calling Joe’s salsa my favourite) this was definitely one of the best salsa’s ever and it had everything you see in a pro dance! If people don’t vote her through, they you are all blind because it had style, technique and such precision! Don’t complain about her because this girl can dance and her and Gorka are so hot together!

Ya’ll know this is one of my favourite dances so I really hope that she does well because I feel like she’s being unfairly treated by the audience and they’re not getting enough credit for how amazing she is at dancing. I have to say that they both look like angels in white! The song is so subtle but it really allows us to see Alexandra’s technique and the connection that she;s making to both Gorka and the audience – you can never deny that she makes us all feel something when she dances. Her pivots looked so graceful and I saw my favourite fleckles looking elegant and controlled. I don’t see how anyone can not like Alexandra or at least respect her dancing, I do hope she gets to the final!

With the final looming in two weeks, message me on who you thinks going to win or who you want to win!

Alexandra & Gorka – 39 (9,10,10,10) – Charleston – from Mary Poppins

An energetic and complexed routine from Gorka that Alexandra performed so well. Her swivel was incredible and she really gave it everything.

Like Bruno in the background, I was bopping along to this dance and found everything about it stunning! She was perfectly in time with Gorka throughout, her swivels were so precise and fast paced, her lifts were flawless, she was quirky and characterised it perfectly… I mean its everything I want in a Charleston on musical week! It was pure fairground bliss and I really couldn’t see anything wrong with it! She had that nice quirky personality in it and made it look effortless and so energetic which is what I love in this dance! I didn’t see anything wrong with it and I think it was a perfect end to an amazing night of dances! It does make me scared for the bottom two because its anyone game!

Alexandra & Gorka – Rumba – 32 (7,8,8,9)

I thought Alex gave this dance a good try and put in a lot of hard work with it. Gorka did a wonderful job in putting the dance together and I disagree with the judges who thought there was no chemistry, I actually thought they did well with convey their emotions and telling a story. Not the best dance from Alex but the rumba is notoriously difficult.