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Kate and Aljaz – Quickstep

Apart from a bit of gapping at the start, this dance was so sweet and had literally everything I love from this dance. It was quick, light footed and her smile was so infectious that I just felt so at ease watching her and felt immersed into this adorable story of a wedding. For a dance that was full of steps and quick movement across the floor, I was shocked at the fact that there were no mistakes and I almost thought I was watching a dance in a film. Also, the two of them just look so adorable together and the outfit is so cute, I want it!! They’re the prince and princess of the ballroom and I’m so happy for the two of them!


Kate & Aljaž – Argentine Tango – (4,6,6,7) 23

Unfortunately, this was not Kate’s best dance, it was too staggered and hesitant and didn’t have the natural flow and intensity that the Argentine Tango normally does. It is an incredibly hard dance to do and so I think she did a fantastic effort and did have some really brilliant moves in there.


I’m so confused, all these couples choices getting high scores and it’s not even a proper dance…


Kate and Aljaz – Argentine Tango

This was the first in the series and what a way to start off the string of Argentine tangos. I felt that passion and emotion in her eyes and it was full of drama and intensity. There were some issues in the middle and the lifts weren’t as gravity defying as flavia and Vincent have done. However, it was still great to watch and it really lived up that expectations I always have with this dance. It’s crazy how much Kate has transformed and she’s such a performer and it’s mad considering she’s not had acting experience. I know the judges were harsh but I liked it.


Kate & Aljaž – Rumba – (4,6,5,5) 20

Not Kate’s best dance unfortunately but it’s said time and time again that the rumba is difficult and I think Kate struggled with this dance as it clearly showed. I felt that it became a bit awkward and stuck at times and there were moments of hesitation, the lean that they did needed a lot more work and it didn’t look good. However, she gave it a fantastic go and I agreed with Craig that there was some good hip movement which is what most people find most difficult !


Dances – Part 2

Kate and Aljaz – Rumba

Even without the chemistry that rumbas need (which is always so hard because of the cute relationship), I thought she tried really hard and it was actually really nice to watch compared to others where I feel awkward. Her characterisation was amazing and I just liked how much she tried to get into such an awful dance – no matter what the judges say, with such a hard dance, I have to applaud her.

Danny and Amy – American Smooth

After last weeks amazing jive, I was worried he wouldn’t live up to that but he totally did! There was something so effortless about this dance from his beautiful frame, the elegance of his arms and the ease in which he guides Amy across the floor. Those lift were pure magnificent and I just saw how much trust Amy had with him and I just never feel worried when I’m watching him because I’ll know he delivers. It always amazes me that he’s 58 because he can give anyone a run for their money. Did I love it as much as the jive? No but it was still one of the best ballroom dances this season.

Ashley and Pasha – Charleston

I hate to say it but this was so good, from the swivel to the synchronicity to the characterisation. I can’t really fault it.


Kate & Aljaž – Viennese Waltz – ( 6 , 6 , 6 , 8 ) 26

Not Kate’s best dance but nor was it her worst. You can definitely see gradual improvements and I’m really hoping that this continues. It was so much better than last week and it’s great to see her bounce back and produce a fantastic dance after a difficult week.

Dances – Part 3

Joe and Dianne – waltz

He is getting better with his frame but this dance probably wasn’t one of his best. I did see some issues with his footwork looking a bit messy but my main issue was his facial expressions. The waltz is meant to be romantic but I didn’t see anything on his face and that’s the core of the dance – this made it hard to watch and see the beautiful steps because I didn’t feel anything. He’s improving all the time but not one of my favourites!

Vick and Graziano – Cha Cha

The start of this dance really stressed me out because, once Vick got down the steps and the music kicked in, it felt like she was fumbling her steps and Graz was just pulling her across the floor to get her into the true cha cha content. I did see her attempt some straight leg but it just wasn’t consistent enough and it seemed a little messy and not really technically that good. It was obviously very sexy but it just wasn’t her dance!

Kate and Aljaz – Viennese Waltz

I want Kate’s dress and I just want to be Kate tbf. Whenever she’s in ballroom, she just looks and dances like an elegant princess and I love it so much! Technically I couldn’t find anything wrong with it and oh wow, did you see her fleckles? I was just so mesmerised by her footwork, the story and her posture. I just felt like I was watching a fairytale which was so sweet – I don’t get what Craig and Shirley said because I loved it!


Katie & Aljaž – Salsa – ( 4 , 5 , 5 , 6 ) 20

Fantastic to see Kate let go and have some fun and seeing her confidence grow. However, not her best dance a few mistakes and hesitant moments but I think her Latin will grow with time.


Hey guys, before the last of the dances, I want to say that I’m going to start making GIFs again from tomorrow and I hope you love them ❤️