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No better way to start Strictly movie week then a dance with the Incredibles, Up and Toys Story 👌🏼👌🏼

Emma & Aljaz – Tango – 4, 6, 6, 6 22 

Not the best tango song but some really good elements and Emma did really well. Managed to stay in Character for the whole dance and shows promise for storytelling. She was bit tense in the shoulders at points which ruined her top line but overall a good first ballroom dance.

Unfortunately there won’t be any live blogging tonight as I’m at my grandmas and will be in the car for most of the show – I will try and catch up and hopefully get a summary written for tomorrow 🤞🏻

That’s it for this week guys – hope you enjoyed my comeback and here’s to an amazing few months. I honestly have such high hopes for this series because it’s crazy how good they are!

The Professional Dancers of 2019 Series 17

Guys, it’s semi-final night and I don’t know whether I’m excited or it’s going to annoy me with favouritism

I may have been absent for the last few weeks but I’m back to live blogging and let’s just say I’m so excited it’s musicals week

Kate & Aljaž – American Smooth – (7,7,8,8)30

A beautiful ballroom dance that was so lovely to watch, however it pains me to that that it was a bit forgettable. Aljaž has produced some wonderful routines and Kate has Takes everything his thrown at her in her stride. A wonderful dance to finished their time on Strictly with.

Sad to have to see Kate & Aljaž leave the show. Kate has improved so much and become so much more confident as well. She has had a fair share of highs and lows, and to me her ultimate high was her Tango which blew me completely away.

I’m sorry I didn’t live tumblr yesterday, it’ll unfortunately be the same next week because I’m away Saturday night… problem with family is their lack of understanding on my scd obsession