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Danny & Amy – The Greatest Showman – Paso Doble -(6, 7, 7, 8)28

A fantastic ending to the show, Danny had some wonderful shapping but at times he looked to stiff and wooden. I think it’s something that they will work on, I’m excited to see them to do some more Latin.


Danny & Amy – Cha Cha ( 7, 7, 7, 7 ) 28

The judges gave this dance a lot of praise and I think it was well deserved, the Cha Cha is a very difficult dance and for some reason it’s always been the male celebs to struggle more with this dance, but Danny did a very good job. However for me it seemed in places to be a bit stiff and that he was locked in place a bit too much and he had an unfortunate wobble coming out of his spin. Saying that it was definelty one of the better male cha chas I have seen.


Danny & Amy – Foxtrot (6, 7, 7, 7 ) 27

A wonderful classic dance to open the series with, full of confidence and really good technique. Danny has a lot of potential and could go very far. It will be interesting to see what his Latin will be like.


The professional dancers of Strictly 2018 P.T.2


Official couple photo – Danny & Amy #teamdamy


Happy birthday Danny !! Here is him & Amy’s first steps for Strictly 2018


The next partnership to be revealed is Danny & Amy !!!

Boys – Part 1

Lee Ryan – 

I have high hopes for Lee, not because of the Blue thing, but the fact that Simon did so I hope he does as well… but the bar has been set. You know what, I enjoyed Nadiya last year with Davood and she took some great risks with choreography, so who knows about how good they’re going to be. They do look good together.

Dr Ranj – 

I am so excited to see Ranj on this because I love watching him on This Morning and he’s so funny! I’m not really surprised that Janette is his partner because they’re both so smol and tiny #newpocketrockets. I think they’re going to be really adorable together and I know they’re going to have tons of fun together and she will try and make him into a dancer.

Joe Sugg – 

What’s funny is that I used to love Joe Sugg but I’d never really count him as a celebrity but I’m not going to like judge him for that. I don’t know how much talent he’s got but the firey Aussie Dianne and they’re going to be so fun and it might actually be a good partnership!

Danny Joules – 

Not to predict anything, but I can imagine that Danny Joules is going to be so smooth and full of rhythm that he might surprise people at how good of a dancer he actually is. You know what, I’m glad he’s got Amy because she didn’t get a chance to shine last year and she’s also like uber pretty and I can’t hate her for it. They’re going to be so slick and let’s see if an oldie can be a goldie.

And here it is the first official picture for …

And here it is the first official picture for Strictly Come Dancing 2018. Professionals began rehearsals today with head choreographer Jason Gilkison.



Brilliant choreography by Amy, so sweet. Brian had amazing characteristics and brought the scarecrow to life. Definitely Brian’s best dance on the show.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion