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Strictly Dances – Part 4

Chris and Karen – Rumba

uh oh. You know wha, that initial thing was mean. Technically, there wasn’t much power in the feet and I didnt see any hips (apart from Karen’s amazing hips). However, wow, this was actually a really beautifully performed dance from start to end. It was so emotional and the story telling just pulled me in from start to end. It’s so amazing to see how far he has come not only in the way he dances, but what he shows on his face. He is a comedian for goodness sake, and he is producing things like that. Things that could make me cry and want to watch a full on film based on it. The judges were harsh on the technique, even though it was definitely not the worst rumba I’ve ever seen, and I love Chris.

Karim and Amy – American Smooth

If that last dance was passion, this was pure adorable from start to end – it was literally the epitome of cute. I knew American Smooth would be great because, not only does it have a lot of technique, it has this flair and stylistic essence that Karim always does perfectly. Apart from that and the amazing musicality, it was technically perfect from the footwork to the frame throughout. Like Chris and Karen, I felt immersed in a little story of a couple in love. The two of them just work perfectly together and look like a proper little couple, even though I know thats not the case. The music, the set and the outfits all worked together like clockwork and with the amazing choreography from Amy, it just all worked and I would happily watch it again – just not in the dance off!

Strictly Dances – Part 2

Chris and Karen – Viennese Waltz

Bless Chris, bless his little sicks. I am actually surprised at how good this dance was. Considering a few weeks ago, Chris hated ballroom and couldn’t even get higher than a 5 in ballroom. However, it was so adorable and technically, it wasn’t too bad at all. He did most of the footwork really well, his frame was solid from start to end and his little fingers looked so delicate that it could’ve been a professional. Also, what i loved was how much he got into the story with Karen. It was actually adorable! I think people sometimes forgot that he is a complete novice, but I would happily watch it again.

Karim and Amy – Argentine Tango

Wow. It was so mesmerising from start to end. Like, even though sometimes Karim looks like a little boy compared to Amy, he stuck to the character and really sold the dance. Vincent was right when he said this was such a complicated dance. It had a great number of music changes and also the technique was overall very good and staccato. I did see a small balance issue when he was attempting to do a pivot, but it is so hard when you have to be so powerful throughout. It wasn’t Karim’s best but it was such a hard dance and he did amazing for what its worth!

This weeks dance of the week goes to Karim & Amy for their Jive

Getting the first perfect score of the series shows just how good this dance was. Not a foot wrong, packed with content and performed like they were truly on the West End stage.

Karim & Amy – Hairspray – Jive – 10, 10, 10, 10 40

Karim’s musicality, timing and character were all on point, the kicks and flicks were flawless and he was full of energy throughout. I loved this dance, the song is such a big number and they managed to pull it out of the bag, amazing choreography from Amy as well, they definitely deserved the first 40 of the series.

Karim and Amy – Jive

Hairspray is one of my favourite musicals ever, like seriously. So, like Kelvin, when I heart about them dancing my favourite dance to my favourite musical song, I nearly peed my pants. Holy balls, this might have been one of the best jives i have ever seen (sorry Scott and Jay). Literally, there was nothing I could complain about. It was crisp, clean and so fast. With the song and set,it was easy to get lost in it all but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Karim. He looked like a professional and I was shaking like Motsi. The kick and flicks were soo clean and precise, the character was on point and his energy was more than 100 from the start to end. I dont even know really what to say, like i have lost all ability to say anything technical. It was just so good and he can be my link Larkin any day!

Karim & Amy – Contemporary – 9, 9, 10, 10 38

Not the couples choice dance I was expecting from Karim, but I’m so glad he did it. The leaps and jumps were amazing and I felt the emotion in the dance, it did look a bit sharp and jointy at point and I don’t think the music choice helped that.

Karim & Amy’s Charleston gets this weeks dance of the week

Packed full of content that was executed flawlessly, no mistakes, no hesitation just a full on good old fashioned Charleston. The timing and synchronicity was phenomenal and the added touches of Karim’s tricks was just the cherry on top!

Karim & Amy – Charleston – 9, 10, 10, 10 39

‪Kar‬im was phenomenal in this dance, amazing entrance, the swivel was on point and he managed to keep the energy throughout which I cant even begin to imagine how hard that was considering how fast this dance was. Amy packed this dance with everything and more and yet Karim was able to keep everything clean and I didn’t look messy or rushed at all, the Jazz split, the lift and the synchronicity of it all was flawless.

Sorry Craig, but what else do you want from Karim – that more than deserved a full 40

Blackpool Dances – Part 3

Michelle and Gio – Couples Choice

This is the dance I was most looking forward too, I mean have you seen the outfit and the song and everything – it screams camp Blackpool. This dance was literally everything i wanted and more. From camp Giovanni at the start to Michelle just serving face, face, sass and everything – it was just the perfect Vogue dance possible. From start to end, it was the little things with Gio and Michelle did that made this dance even better from the small looks they gave each other to even a slight shrug of the shoulder. With a huge group dancers, Michelle managed to stand out and used all her experience and sass to own that dance more than anyone could’ve asked. GIRL SHANTAY YOU SLAY!

Karim and Amy – Charleston

Holy dance shoes, talk about leaving the best until the end – I mean seriously, this had to be my favourite dance of the night and I couldn’t have asked for more. This was the perfect dance for Karim because he was able to show off all this energy and personality that he hasn’t been able to show in the more subdued ballroom dances. There was swivel, speed, energy and so much content that I think Amy put in everything but the kitchen sink. I dont even know how to describe this dance without getting very very excited. It was full of so much content which was all executed perfectly and I do not have anything else to say. This was amazing and my favourite dance of the entire series!