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Blackpool Dances – Part 1

Chris and Karen – salsa

I want to congratulate Karen on choreographing a party dance. We know Chris isn’t the mot comfortable with Latin dances, but this played to his strengths. It had the hips in which he really tried to do, but mostly it was just Chris having a lot of fun. There was times where there was proper salsa content and then sometimes it was just Chris having a bit of fun and dancing. He sold it from start to end with energy and i didnt actually see any mistakes. The technique or lack of it was probably covered by the huge set up, but it worked. Like i said, Karen really did amazing things with Chris and he combined fun with attempts at hips that, a few weeks ago, we couldn’t have even imagined!

Emma and Anton – American Smooth

With the King of ballroom, there were high expectations for Emma and Anton with the American Smooth. It had a great song, great outfit and great set up which made for a really nice dance. She kept this nice frame throughout and had this air of grace about herself that just meant she glided across the floor. It was definitely a beautiful dance and everything just fitted together and with Anton, it was one of her better dances. However, as good as I thought it was, there still seems to be something missing with Emma and i cannot put my finger on it.

Alex and Neil – Paso Doble

With a song like this, a dance like this, Alex really has won the jackpot and she slayed throughout. It was such a risk having Alex come out by herself and do a huge section alone, but she was amazing. From start to end, she had this intensity in her eyes and also this passion throughout her body. You could see that sh was really concentrating on the shaping whether it was her arms or her body. Alongside some really nice technique, it was full of so much sass and was really empowering from women. Considering she started the competition with no experience and being unable to perform, she owned and sold this dance so well. I didnt think I’d love it, but I did with the combo of paso and Queen B!

Strictly Dances – Part 2

Michelle and Giovanni – American Smooth Foxtrot

Once again, Michelle and Giovanni have knocked it out of the park. It was just the perfect dance from start to finish. From the way it started with the story of Michelle trying to get Gio’s attention to the dance itself from Michelle being cheeky and trying to lead on Gio. There was sass, swing and sway plus some absolutely amazing footwork and technical dancing. It had the traditional moves you want in a Foxtrot, with a bit of sexiness and temptation. For me, every week, I can watch these two and not have to worry about anything because they epitomise consistency and quality. It feels like I’m a broken record because I can only ever say positive things about these two. It was so good and I just can’t say anything bad!

Emma and Anton – Couple’s Choice

I dont know who loved this dance more: Anton or Emma? I mean Anton was in his camp element and I was living for it. You know what, this was a really good dance for Emma. I’m normally reluctant to praise these couples choice dances because it’s not Strictly, but it gives the celebs a chance to show us that they can dance. It was cheeky, saucy and combined everything that we love from musicals: the fossy, sassy and almost understated style. We saw Emma’s personality shine in this dance and I was Uber impressed. More couple’s should do musicals because its an underrated art form.

Saffron and AJ – Waltz

This was worlds away from last weeks dance and absolutely amazing. It was soft, technical and full of emotion. It was almost beautiful in an understated way from the set to the outfit to the music. Sometimes, an amazing song really makes advance really special. I’m normally a critic of Saffron because the judges do sometimes favour them. However, they deserved this and you can see that she’s working hard and taking on all the comments the judges have.

Kelvin and Oti – Salsa

Holy cannoli, what a dance. I mean I knew Kelvin had hips to die for, but by god I think he upped his game. Down to Oti’s choreography, this really showed the best of Kelvin in every single way and it had everything but the kitchen sink in it. There were amazing lifts, amazing hips and armography to die for. Sometimes, I just forget that kelvin isn’t a Latin sensation because he takes to it so naturally. He also works perfectly in harmony with Oti and together they really create magic. Kelvin is so natural and everything he does seems effortless. I always love watching Kelvin and this dance was no exception.

Strictly Dances – Part Three

Chris and Karen – Couple’s choice

From the minute this was announced, I couldn’t be more excited. Sorry, street dance, chris Ramsey and Ant and Dec – what else could be better. Apart from a few timing issues, Chris was absolutely unrecognisable in this dance. It was also the calmest and most natural I’ve seen him in the entire competition – like he was born to dance in the streets. It was full of personality and charisma, he had this swag and flair about it and i just couldn’t stop smiling from start to the end. His musicality was great, he did all the steps so well and with the edge needed for this kind of dance and it was pure joy to watch. I am so proud of what Chris has achieved and this is the perfect showcase of how hard he’s worked and also testament to his partnership with Karen. They work amazingly together and I couldn’t be happier for how well this dance went! Also, their reaction the their scores were perfection.

Emma and Anton – Rumba

Anton choreographed a very beautiful rumba indeed and you know, Emma did surprisingly well. There was a nice amount of hip action, she really tried to connect to Anton on an emotional level to get to the core of the dance and she had this amazing poise and elegance. I know the judges are very nit-pickity, especially Shirley, but for me the rumba is such a hard dance and sometimes you can’t be like this. I enjoyed watching the dance and Emma tried and made this hard dance quite nice to watch.

Mike and Katya – Charleston

It’s such a shame Mike went slightly wrong in the middle of this dance, because it perfectly suited him from start to end. Apart from these wee problems, it was so good with the personality and synchronisation which are some of the key parts of the Charleston. Katya didn’t go easy on Mike with all the moves and lifts, which may have been the reason for the mistakes. Luckily, Mike didn’t let this show on his face and so, if you weren’t looking at the details, you wouldn’t have noticed and would have just enjoyed the entire dance. It was a whole lot of fun and it’s good to finally get to see the essence of Mike and how much fun he can have with a dance.

Emma & Anton – Paso Doble – 5, 7, 7, 7 26

Emma had beautiful shaping and lines, it was very intense and there lots of drama which is just what you want in a paso. I did notice that she kept loosing her balance quite a lot when transitioning between moves this made it look a little bit messy and like Anton was dragging her round the dance floor which is a shame. I think that like Emma said herself they didn’t have a lot of time to work on this dance and so it wasn’t as polished as it could have been.

Emma & Anton – Viennese waltz – 8, 9, 9, 9 35

Emma looked incredible as always and she has definitely improved in her ballroom. There was great storytelling throughout the dance but that is no surprise considering she is an actor, but it’s great to see her brining those skills to the dance floor. She was a little bit skippy in places at the beginning but the dance was classy and stylish like Craig said.

Strictly Week 4 Dances – Part 1

Chris and Karen – Jive

After a big improvement the last few weeks, Chris is still improving every week. Yes, his feet were too flat for my liking but you could see that he was trying (I know Shirley liked the flat feet but I didn’t). Apart from those issues and a few timing problems, it was full of personality and fun. For a dance so fast and complicated, he kept up great energy throughout and he is always so much fun to watch. Together with Karen, they work so well together an it’s always a joy to watch him. He’s come so far from week 1 and you can see he’s having a great time and I’m having a great time watching him.

Emma and Anton – Viennese Waltz

Something just felt a bit weird in this dance, like it wasn’t long enough to judge it. It started with great character (albeit a few weird faces), and we had some really nice content. I loved the spins which seemed very calm and elegant and controlled, there were also some really nice fleckles which are so hard and a good frame throughout. However, for me, I just didnt think there was enough content in it. Of course, i think the story telling was just amazing and really helped the dance be more than it probably was.

Dev and Dianne – Cha Cha

First of all, let m say: I hated this song choice – it didn’t work at all for him and just didnt let his personality shine! He had some really good hip rotation and he tried to get that straight leg action, but I think it just lacked the fire that the outfits should’ve given and that the dance should’ve had. I always enjoy watching Dev but, for some reason, i just wasn’t feeling this dance at all. Normally, even if cha cha’s are not well executed, at least they’re fun. This seemed to have a bit better execution, but just not the feel i need.

Catherine and Johannes

So, apart from the like the best theme and song, this was literally the cutest and sassiest charleston I’ve seen in a while. Okay, I spent a lot of it watching the joy that is Johannes, but Catherine really tried to keep up with my boy and it was just a joy to watch. Okay, there wasn’t much swivel in her feet and she was no way on the energy scale as Johannes, but god she improved so much in the Latin dances. The lifts were all done effortlessly and really, this was Johannes’s dance and I couldn’t keep my eye off him (and she did so well considering how hard the dance was)

Emma & Anton – Austin Powers – Salsa – 6, 7, 7, 7 27

Emma needs to control her facial expressions as she can still look terrified and like a deer caught in headlights even though you can see that she is confident and knows what she is doing. She is much better in the Latin and contemporary elements of this dance that the sections in hold and unfortunately there was not much salsa content so difficult to tell what her Salsa is really like.

Emma & Anton – Foxtrot – 6, 6, 6, 6 24

It was a pity that Emma looked like she was not enjoying and looked terrified of the dance. She will gain confidence throughout the weeks and has a lot of promise, shame about the little mistake, some glimmers of potential to be an all rounder.

Strictly Dances – Part Four

Will Bailey and Janette

I was a bit worried about Will because, when he came out, there were a few timing issues. However, as soon as he stepped through the door, I saw a different man. The posture was pretty good throughout, he kept it strong in a very fast dance. He ran across that floor with such ease and it didn’t look lumpy or forced, it just seemed to one so easy as he glided across the floor. I also can’t forget to say how much he performed. There was full on energy from start to finish and his smile was so infectious. He was like lightening across the floor and I didn’t seem him falter once.

Karim and Amy

I’m literally done with this year, like why is everyone so good? I mean I have so many high hopes for this guy now because honestly, that was an amazing cha cha and I don’t know what else to say. From start to end, there was so much energy and he had this amazing smile on his face all the way through. I mean Amy literally threw the kitchen sink in there and he did it all so well. I didn’t see any mistakes in the footwork and he just embraced his femininity and really allowed it to take over his body to get that sass and spice the cha cha needs. It wasn’t your conventional cha cha and that’s why I loved it, it was so unique and Karim literally sold it. This guy is definitely a contender and it’s going to be great seeing this partnership grow and his skills grow.

Emma Barton and Anton Du Beke

I love how Anton knows he has a good partner and basically just went who cares, let’s put everything in and have a ton of fun- he danced as if he was a 20 year old. You can tell that Emma had has dance experience because she just had this way about her from the way she placed her feet to the way she held herself. Sometimes it all looked a bit prim and proper for the jive and thus a bit straight and rigid. However, I think Shirley was being way too harsh. I enjoyed watching it and she really knew how to perform. I can’t wait to see her get better and better.

I already have a few picks but let me know yours first and I’ll spill mine later on!