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Sad to hear the news that long time profession…

Sad to hear the news that long time professional dancer Brendan Cole will no longer be taken part in the show. Brendan has taken part in every series since the show began and won the first show with partner Natasha Kaplinsky. He has given us some fantastic routines and been the source of much of the shows entertainment with his outspoken manner, comebacks to the judges and cheeky antics up in the clauditorium. He will be sorely missed and the show won’t be the same without him, but I will look back on his time on the show and see how much fun he brought to the show. Goodbye Brendan and good luck in the next part of your journey.


Gutted to hear on Lorraine that BBC haven’t renewed Brendan Cole’s contract because he’s one of my favourite pros of all time 😭

Congratulations to Katie Dereham & Brendon…

Congratulations to Katie Dereham & Brendon Cole for winning the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Christmas special

Halloween Pro Dance No.1 = Well, the Backstreet Boy’s set hasn’t aged

Why is this GIF I made now going to be perfect for every situation?

So my favourites tonight were definitely Jonnie and Joe – battle of the J’s and I couldn’t be more proud of my boys! Who was your favourite tonight? Drop me a message or comment below!

Charlotte Hawkins & Brendan Cole – Jive – 19 (4,5,5,5) As…

Charlotte Hawkins & Brendan Cole – Jive – 19 (4,5,5,5)

As hard as it was to see Charlotte go, she still made too many mistakes and didn’t look comfortable at all doing this dance. Which is a shame because I thought the had a lot of potential. However the dance was better than her previous and she had improved greatly since Week one.

Sad to see Charlotte go, she had improved since her first dance…

Sad to see Charlotte go, she had improved since her first dance and was looking really promising in ballroom. Unfortunately I think the nerves got to her a couple of times. Having said that she was enjoyable to watch and you could see that she loved being on the show.

Brendan and Charlotte – Jive

From the rehearsal, I am really worried about this jive. I love this dance but her rehearsals looked very lack luster and her hands were just flayling. I am sorry but this really was not a good dance! Her feet were all over the place and it just seemed as if she was kicking them about like she was playing football. You could tell that she couldn’t keep up with Brendan and even Brendy was attempting to slow himself down for her! She did look like she was having fun but it just wasn’t a good dance – I feel bad for her but it just didn’t work, her legs weren’t good and her arms weren’t good… I feel bad for her on this dance and also the fact that Shirley got her name wrong!

After the thrills of movie week, lets see what our celebs can bring to the table!

Who are you all looking forward too?