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Best of Danny John-Jules

Sad to see Danny & Amy go, he produced some wonderful routines and was getting better each week. His week 1 dance and his Jive stand out as his best dances and what an achievement for getting the first 10 of the series.

Danny and Amy – Samba

After last weeks problems, and the new headlines, it was nice to see Danny bounce back and have his energy back in his sassy and camp ways. It was far from perfect because it seemed a bit straight and static which suits a cha cha more than a samba and there were a few timing issues. However, I loved watching it and I just im hope that the crowds stay behind him and get him through to Blackpool and we can see the Danny we love back!

Danny and Amy – Quickstep

I had such high hopes for this dance and it just wasn’t as good as I hoped for. It started off so well and he had this amazing air about him. However, there was a multitude of things that went wrong from the timing, his steps went a bit dodgy and it even managed to impact his usually beautiful frame. It’s such a shame because it had the potential to be amazing, even with the awful song, but it wasn’t his day and I am sad about it. But I know he’ll be through and back with a vengeance.

Danny & Amy – American Smooth – (6,8,7,9) 30

I feel like this dance was quite forgettable and it was very simple and if I’m putting on my Craig hat (which I feel like I’m doing a lot of this week) I would go as far to say a bit boring, especially after the fantastic week he had last week. The beginning effect was good, seeing them rise from the floor but other than that I don’t think that this was Danny’s dance.

Danny & Amy – Jive – ( 9 , 10 , 9 , 9 ) 37

I hoped this would be a good dance for Danny and boy was i right ! He was in his element doing this dance, his kicks and flicks were brilliant and it’s so nice to see him finally relax and not be so stiff and rigid.

Guys make sure ya’ll vote for Charles because he best not be in the bottom too again!

Danny & Amy – Viennese Waltz – ( 6 , 7 , 7 , 7 ) 27

Definitely a better dance for Danny compared to last week, I think he just needs to relax a bit more as he seems to rigid and stiff sometimes, hopefully that will come. A beautiful piece of music and a lovely routine overall.

Danny & Amy – The Greatest Showman – Paso Doble -(6, 7, 7, 8)28

A fantastic ending to the show, Danny had some wonderful shapping but at times he looked to stiff and wooden. I think it’s something that they will work on, I’m excited to see them to do some more Latin.