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Throwback Thursay – with Week 1 of Strictly 2018 taking place last Saturday I’m taking it back to Week 1 2017 where Debbie came out and shocked us all with a fantastic Paso Doble and then did what every woman and man dream about doing and KISSED Giovanni !!!


What a moment this caused for the show and in WEEK ONE!! It set great things up for Debbie and each week I couldn’t wait to see what her and Giovanni would do. It was so fantastic to see her putting everything into it and absolutely going for it and not holding back.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Congrats Debbeh


When I saw this I was in complete shock, nothing like this had ever happened before in the shows history and it would have be least expected from Craig. I think it goes to show that anything ca happen on the show and that is the beauty of It and why I love it so much. Debbie was an absolutely fantastic contestant on the show this year and provided some wonderful moments including this one.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion


I know the show was very bitter sweet for Debbie and to see her friendship with Giovanni develop and grow was lovely. The love and support they had for each other was fantastic and it definitely help with their dancing and the emotions during their routines. Seeing them both have so much fun both on the show and doing It Takes Two and watching their rehearsals really shows how close the couples get and how much that helps to progress on the show and in their case make the final.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The best of Debbie McGee

Debbie & Giovanni
39 (9,10,10,10) – Salsa
38 (9,9,10,10) – Show dance
40 (10,10,10,10) – Argentine Tango

Debbie is such an inspiration and has provided the nation with some fabulous routines and boundless entertainment. Her first dance in Week 1 blew me away and was a shock to everyone. And Week by Week she has continued to impress and grow. She has made such an improvement in her ballroom and Latin and overall she has been a pleasure to watch every Saturday night. I know for her the journey has been hard since the passing of her husband, the great Paul Daniels, but it has been an honour to have watch her get her sparkle back.

This was so much better than the last time and I don’t blame Gio for his emotion. It was as quick and staccato as before and I just cannot say anything but Debbeh is definitely such an inspiration when she dances. She puts her past into her dance and does everything with passion and emotion! If I couldn’t see her face, I would think that she was in her early 20s because she doesn’t seem to phase in energy or ability! The two of them have this chemistry thats undeniable and I am so happy!

Aaaw this is the cutest start to a showdance ever and I think Debbeh looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t she? – so does Gio of course but more handsome! I know most people like pow pow dances but I love the message and subtly behind it from the emotional song to the dainty and elegant choreography. I almost feel like I’m watching something out of a Disney film, a love story. It had every element that she’s good at, from those magnificent lines to those high risk lifts that we know them for! I honestly think that, no matter the age gap, Gio and Debbeh are the cutest couple in the world – I am so happy with this dance and I am surprised I didn’t cry.

The start of this dance is enough to get a 100 because I just love how Gio says DEBBEH! They gave her such a hard dance to do compared to the others, especially as it’s Latin but it’s nice to see it again especially hoping that she doesn’t do that little mistake again! I didn’t see that mistake again and it was as fabulous, if not more than it was the last time. Those lifts were something of a spectacle and she really has this wild side with those amazing hips and rhythm! It was high tempo, high energy and full of charisma! I was so happy that she got to go out and do it perfectly- I saw no issues with it and it’s one of the best salsa’s that I’ve seen from a female, except obvs Alexandra!