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The award for best Movie Week dance goes to Dev & Dianne for their Street Commercial routine

The Movie choice of Aladdin was so perfect for the both of them, they got to show of their friendship and the cheekiness so well in this dance. I was so excited to see them do Street commercial as well and it suited Dev brilliantly and Dianne’s choreography was amazing.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The Award for the most shocking moment goes to Dev & Dianne and their unexpected elimination in week 4

Even now I still can’t understand why Dev & Dianne we’re eliminated so early on in the competition, their Cha Cha wasn’t the best dance for them but they definetly shouldn’t have been in the bottom two. They had consistently scored highly and the week before the were second on the leaderboard.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Can’t believe we have to say goodbye to Dev

He didn’t deserve to be in the dance off in the first place and I’m still quite in shock that the judges sent him home as I saw nothing wrong with his second performance. He had so much potential and was just starting to come out of his shell, I loved his personality and was really growing to like him.

Dev & Dianne – Cha Cha Cha – 6, 7, 7, 7 27

Dev looked very confident and this has helped him relax and show that he has really good hip action which is so nice to see as so many celebrities struggle with this. Unfortunately i think the song was way to slow, this was not his best but there was some nice cha cha content.

Strictly Week 4 Dances – Part 1

Chris and Karen – Jive

After a big improvement the last few weeks, Chris is still improving every week. Yes, his feet were too flat for my liking but you could see that he was trying (I know Shirley liked the flat feet but I didn’t). Apart from those issues and a few timing problems, it was full of personality and fun. For a dance so fast and complicated, he kept up great energy throughout and he is always so much fun to watch. Together with Karen, they work so well together an it’s always a joy to watch him. He’s come so far from week 1 and you can see he’s having a great time and I’m having a great time watching him.

Emma and Anton – Viennese Waltz

Something just felt a bit weird in this dance, like it wasn’t long enough to judge it. It started with great character (albeit a few weird faces), and we had some really nice content. I loved the spins which seemed very calm and elegant and controlled, there were also some really nice fleckles which are so hard and a good frame throughout. However, for me, I just didnt think there was enough content in it. Of course, i think the story telling was just amazing and really helped the dance be more than it probably was.

Dev and Dianne – Cha Cha

First of all, let m say: I hated this song choice – it didn’t work at all for him and just didnt let his personality shine! He had some really good hip rotation and he tried to get that straight leg action, but I think it just lacked the fire that the outfits should’ve given and that the dance should’ve had. I always enjoy watching Dev but, for some reason, i just wasn’t feeling this dance at all. Normally, even if cha cha’s are not well executed, at least they’re fun. This seemed to have a bit better execution, but just not the feel i need.

Catherine and Johannes

So, apart from the like the best theme and song, this was literally the cutest and sassiest charleston I’ve seen in a while. Okay, I spent a lot of it watching the joy that is Johannes, but Catherine really tried to keep up with my boy and it was just a joy to watch. Okay, there wasn’t much swivel in her feet and she was no way on the energy scale as Johannes, but god she improved so much in the Latin dances. The lifts were all done effortlessly and really, this was Johannes’s dance and I couldn’t keep my eye off him (and she did so well considering how hard the dance was)

Dev & Dianne – Aladdin – Street Commercial – 9, 9, 9, 9 36

Dev looked absolutely amazing as the genie and really embodied the character and had brilliant acting throughout. He was in time with the music and in sync with Dianne which made this dance look so crisp and effortless which I can imagine is really hard to do with this style of dance this was all helped by Diane’s created some amazing choreography. This was a real surprise in the best way possible and Dev is definitely one to watch.

Movie Week – Part 4

David and Nadiya –

This was such a change from the David of the last. He really embraced this character and worked really nicely with Nadiya throughout the dance. Okay, sometimes his frame fell a bit. However, he was a lot softer and really tried to lead Nadiya across the floor. This combined with the really difficult lifts and the attempts to do the footwork well, meant that it was I think David’s best dance. He had perfect control and you could see how much Nadiya trusted him because they weren’t some easy lifts. It all seemed effortless for him and you know what, if he carries on improving like this, he’s going to be making the most of this opportunity.

Emma and Anton – salsa

You know what, honestly I wasn’t a huge fan of the song. However, apart from that, it was a pretty epic salsa from Anton in that outfit to the little quirks from the film and also the chemistry between the two of them. They worked so nicely together and there was also a really good amount of salsa. It had all the basics and Emma did them pretty well from the hips, to the musicality as well as the characterisation. She did such a hard dance with such ease and sticking perfectly to everything we love about Austin powers and the salsa. Surprisingly not so surprisingly, Anton was the star of the show but that isn’t to say anything bad for Emma. Like, it just worked so well and it was bizarrely so enjoyable.

Dev and Dianne – couples choice

As many of you may know, I’m probably the biggest Disney fan in the world and Aladdin is my film. So, I was over the moon to see Dev and Dianne dance to this and it was so good. Although I’d say it was more commercial than street, it was definitely so fun to watch and I could literally watch it all day. It was cool, collected and so much fun from start to end. It really showed off Dev’s personality and with Dianne, it was so adorable and they are really an awesome couple. I know I’ve always been sceptical of couples choice, but this was so worth it and I want to do this dance with them.

Dev & Dianne – Jive – 6, 7, 7, 7 27

Dev definitely has rhythm and musicality as expected due to him being a DJ and there is lots of potential for him to be an all rounder. It was a good jive for a first attempt however, not overally energetic and a little flat like Craig said.

Mike Bushall – My sister saw Mike and literally went, “Hasn’t he already been on this show?” My sister thought it was Chris Hollins and he could literally be the same person with the personality and charm, so I don’t really have high hopes for him but it will be fun to watch. No matter how good or bad Mike is, Katya is the perfect partner for this bubbly guy and she doesn’t care what standard they’re at, she’s going to push them the same and have some amazingly fun dances!

Will Bailey – I love it when paralympians come on the show because they really show how amazing they are and that nothing can hold them back. He seems like such a sweet and charming guy and I can’t wait to see him grow in confidence. With the pocket rocket Janette, these two are going to be a really sweet couple and she is so talented that these dances are going to crazy af!

Dev Griffin – I love listening to Dev on the radio and he’s the epitome of charisma in whatever he does. We also know that he probably has rhythm because he loves music and normally they go hand in hand (probably). With Dianne, this team is going to have a tough time paying attention because they are going to be laughing the entire time – I cannot wait!

Jamie Laing – I mean we’re not really going to talk about him because he’s not on the show anymore haha!

OTI WITH NO PARTNER IS MAKING ME SO SAD 🙁 However, there are rumours of a replacement so fingers crossed!

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