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Gemma & Aljaž at the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour 2018

The winners of the BEST DANCE OFF are MOLLIE & GEMMA

The semi final dance off is always one of the best in the series as it is the most intense and most important dance off. Only one more couple is getting a place in the final and you can see how much each couple want to be there, it means so much to them, this means that they dance their hearts out and it creates the best dance off on the show.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion


She was very nervous and uncomfortable Week one but as the weeks went on she grew so much in confidence and in technique and became a really beautiful dancer in both her Latin and ballroom. She really embodied what the show was all about with her determination and hard work and improving consistently Week on Week. And everyone hates to say it but she really did go on a strictly journey.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion


This style of hair has been seen on the show over the past couple of series but still works every time. It is so intricate and detailed especially with the gold threaded throughout the plait. It worked really well with the look and feel of the dance as well.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Best of Gemma Atkinson

Gemma & Aljaž
38 (9,9,10,10) – Paso Doble
37 (8,9,10,10) – Showdance
39 (9,10,10,10) – American Smooth

Gemma improved so much throughout the show and turned into a beautiful dancer. It was nice to see a contestant that started out with no training experience make it into the final. Her ballroom and Latin had come leaps and bounds and Gemma’s confidence grew and grew every week. Her and Aljaž made a great partnership and provided us with so much joy and laughter.

This dance really shows how much Gemma has improved and the tears at the end really show how close the two of them got together and how well they work together! It was beautiful in Blackpool and it was even better now, she was elegant and sophisticated with beautiful mannerisms throughout. I like how she isn’t aware of how good she’s become and that she creates magic when she dances with Aljaz! I am so happy she got to the final as a fellow Northerner and she deserves it all!

This is probably my favourite song ever danced to a showdance and I know that Gemma and Aljaz will do it justice init! Oh, it was all going so well! She slayed from the start and had some amazing content from all their best dances: we saw quickstep, charleston and some sassy Gemma. It was such a shame that she messed up on that lift because it could’ve been her best dance! She really put her all into this song, which is what you need, and she lost all her inhibitions and just played that seductive and sultry character! This dance is something I would love to do because it was everything I dream to be: obvs not a burlesque dancer but sexy and sultry… I may have to re-enact this dance in my room!

I swear this dance is even better the second time! She always does amazing in these dances with power and passion and it really shows through in this dance. Her lines were beautiful in her legs, especially in the first leg lift and her arms had beautiful shaping throughout! I think Paso’s must be lucky this year because they’ve all been fabulous. The two of them had this firey connection throughout and they both work together like they had done for their entire lives, it was hot, spicy and full of passion – everything that you need in this dance! She has shown how far she’s come from the Northern lass to this dancer!

Happy Final Day!! I can’t believe this years gone so quickly 😭😢 what are everyone’s predictions for tonight?