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Dances – Part 2

Katie and Gorka – Jive

She is so inspiring but as much as I hate to say it, like it’s just not as good as some of the others. Even though her acting and personality is shining, she’s just so flat footed and makes her steps look heavy. It also seems like she’s not really beating that music which means that she’s out of time on a lot of it. However, she is such a joy to watch and I love seeing her blossom.

Charles and Karen – Salsa

YAS! He definitely came back with a bang and I was shimmying the entire way through. He was full of so much energy and those hips really don’t lie – like I think I was entranced by his charisma and the fact that he just owned this dance! Also, the lifts were so magnificent and he even made sure he saved that lift which could’ve ended so badly for Karen. He can’t be in that bottom two again because it was fire 🔥

Lauren and AJ – Quickstep

Even with those mistakes in the footwork, Lauren did really well to get back Into the dance and it was overall so cute to watch and it did seem so elegant. She kept up with AJ across that floor and even if it was slightly skippy, she was full of energy and I felt like she put 100% into it and it’s so much better than some of her other dances and the only way is up. She’s like a changed woman and this dance really brought out her personality


Katie & Gorka – LA LA LAND – Foxtrot – (5, 5, 6, 6) 22

She is going up and up in her confidence and it really shows in her performance and in her face as well. The song and dance suited her perfectly and her and Gorka’s partnership is growing as well which will help her as well. I’m hoping that this improvement keeps going.

Dances Part 3

Graemme and Oti – Charleston

After my hatred for the judges comments last week, I can’t see how they couldnt love this! From the start he came down on the web, it was just full power and that didnt mean it lacked in technique! There was attempted swivel throughout, he was cheeky and that energy was 100% and I just loved watching them. Oti and Graemme work so nicely together and I just love watching them each week! The chemistry and trust between the two of them is pure perfection and it helped them in the lifts which blew my mind!

Ashley and Pasha – Salsa

I’m not going to lie: this dance was great! I dont know, I just never feel excited because I know her dance background and, even though people say they’re different, it always helps especially in Latin.

Katie and Gorka – Foxtrot

What a transformation from vixen to sweet and love struck character! You know what, it was such a sweet dance and they looked genuinely in love and it was so adorable! I can’t wait to see Katie improve week after week and she’s looking a lot more confident

Last week’s pro dance was pure beauty and pass…

Last week’s pro dance was pure beauty and passion


Katie & Gorka – Paso Doble ( 2, 4, 3, 4 ) 13

Not Katie’s strongest dance unfortunately. Her confidence was so much better than last week and you couldn’t see her nerves as much, but the overall dance wasn’t the best. I think she was too stomps because like Craig said she was living her feet off the floor too much. However, there was some good attack and facial expressions from Katie and hopefully her confidence builds throughout the show.

Dances Part 1

Stacey and Kevin – Cha  Cha

I can definitely tell that this wasn’t Stacey’s dance! She did attempt some of that straight leg action and she did seem to be having a great time with the energy but it just didn’t connect with me. It seemed a bit messy at the start and I saw virtually no straight leg and then, as we got into the main bit, although they did the right steps, it did seem slightly messy and there were just times where she didn’t seem to know what to do, like the body rolls looked very hesitant. I also lacked the hip action that we saw in Dr Ranj’s dance and it just seemed all too safe and she just needed to let go and enjoy it!

Charles and Karen – Quickstep

After last week’s smooth and seductive dance, it’ll be nice to see how Charles does in a more controlled and disciplined dance. So, apart from a bit of gapping and some timing issues, I thought it was a quintessential quickstep with smoothness and a great attempt at this solid top line which meant that he glided across the floor with ease… and don’t make me mention those slips which was just something to behold! It’s a shame about the timing because I loved it!

Katie and Gorka – Paso Doble

I don’t know if it’s the choreography or the song but I just didn’t like this dance. I have to applaud Katie for her passion and commitment to the dance but apart from that and some nice attempts at shaping, it just all seemed a bit stompy and discombobulated. I didn’t think this was her dance but she looked like she enjoyed it and it was nice to see a different side to her!

Graemme and Oti – American Smooth

You know what, Graemme is becoming one of my favourites. You can definitely see that Oti has been working on his top line because, from what I could see, it was top notch man and he just looked like he was having a great time. Although the judges didn’t like the fusion and stuff, I liked this different kind of dance and with the song, it all fitted perfectly and I think the judges are just hating on Oti’s choreography. I don’t know why they didn’t like it, I loved it and could watch it all day! BOO YOU JUDGES 🙁


Katie & Gorka – Waltz ( 4 , 4, 4, 5 ) 17

A very nice first dance, you could tell how nervous she was, which is normal hopefully she can control her nerves as she also has so much potential. I think ballroom dances will definitely suit her more but hopefully her Latin will also prove me wrong, I think her confidence will grow the further into the show she gets as well as her dancing ability


The professional dancers of Strictly 2018 P.T.1

Dances Part 3

Dr Ranj and Janette – Cha Cha

This guy has to be my favourite because he’s short like me and I love watching him on This Morning! You know what, he was a little pocket rocket! He had the moves, the sass (camp) and the attitude and there was actually some proper content that was executed so well! I was actually surprised because I thought he was going to be awful but actually it was so fun to watch and the two of them together are going to make some amazing dances – I am so proud of him! 

Katie and Gorka – Viennese Waltz

This woman is such an inspiration to everyone and she has achieved so much, and this dance is testament to how good she is! I saw her try to attempt a fleckle and, even though it wasnt perfect, she did try such a hard move. What she did do was do all the steps she needed to and let herself be led by Gorka and it was all done so elegantly and with poise! I can’t wait to see her let go slightly and let herself be taken away by the dance and music so she can actually enjoy herself!

Graemme and Oti – Samba

I swear that cricketers must dance in their spare time because there hasn’t been an awful one on here and Graemme is no exception! The samba is such a hard dance and I can see such amazing potential and technique. As well as amazing choreography from my queen Oti, he had rhythm, passion and those moves were recognisable because, apart from splayed hands, I saw some voltas, hip rotation and an attempt to do the double bounce so that, with the energy, made it such a nice dance to watch!

Stacey and Kevin – Quickstep

I don’t get why they’re doing such hard dances this early on in the competition, especially one of my favourite. You know what, I didn’t know what to expect but I was actually pretty impressed with her. It was fast, high energy and I didn’t see too many issues with footwork and she worked really nicely in sync with Kevin and thats the thing you need in this dance, to do the content and work in harmony to make the dance seem effortless!

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