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I absolutely loved seeing Graeme on the show, he put everything into his dances and wasn’t afraid to be a little bit silly. He always tried his best and gave everything that Oti threw at him a go, he was a fantastic sport and a great addition to this years show.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Best of Graeme Swann

Incredibly sad to see Graeme go, as Oti said he truly is the spirit of Strictly. Starting out as a complete novis, he has grown and improved so much and truly become a dancer. He has but his heart and soul into everydance and provided us with some fantastic entertainment from day one.

Graeme & Oti – Jazz – (7,8,8,9)32

Graeme’s best dance hands down. The timing, choreography, character and costumes were perfect and all came together brilliantly. A wonderful performance which showcased Graeme’s unexpected yet brilliant improvement and capabilities

Graeme and Oti – Salsa

Oh my god. This dance was so iconic and amazing – I literally couldn’t stop smiling from the start to the end. It was full of energy, amazing choreography and such fun. I know it was funny to watch but there was actually some really good content in terms of his hips and the rotation, the lifts were out of this world and it was just such high risk and different that I’d want to watch it every week. The two of them were so amazing together and I just felt like I’d been transported to a really camp holiday club in Europe – camp, bright, full of energy and amazing to watch!!

Graeme & Oti – Waltz – (6,7,8,8) 29

Graeme has definetly improved in his ballroom, and I loved watching this slower and softer side to him. The Waltz really proved how much better he has gotten in these last 8 weeks and I’m hoping that it can continue.

Graeme and Oti – waltz

Well isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? It was such a difference from that high energy and cheeky dancer that makes a lot of stumbly errors. I mean it was one of the most elegant and sophisticated dances he’s done and I just couldn’t see any faults. It felt romantic with the entire set and that factored with the emotions that Graeme had really made it beautiful to watch. Not to mention how good his footwork, I mean I didn’t see any mistakes and it looked very professional. I’m so proud of Graeme and Oti smashed it with the choreography and teaching him the basics!

Graeme & Oti – Cha-Cha – (4,5,6,6) 21

The Cha Cha was never going to be Graeme’s strongest dance unfortunately, and although his technique wasn’t the best, the entertainment value was fantastic as it always is with Graeme. I loved the little homages to Micheal, all thanks to the wonderful choreography from Oti. And I’m glad that Graeme got the moonwalk right in the danceoff.

Graeme & Oti – Tango – ( 6 , 7 , 8 , 8 ) 29

It was nice to see another side of Graeme, as well as actually seeing an improvement in his technique as well. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good this dance was, I’m hoping that he can keep it up.