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Congratulations to Janette & Aston

Well done to Janette & Aston for winning the Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Christmas special.


Dr. Ranj & Janette – Samba – (6,7,7,7) 27

What an energetic performance, full of love and joy and really made me smile. It’s a shame that the technique wasn’t all there, but there were glimmers of some good Samba. I’m sad to see him go as he had so much potential.


I’m absolutely deverstated to see Dr Ranj leave the show, he provided so much fun, joy and warmth. I loved watching him dance each week and seeing him improve. From Week one he burst out and was a fantastic surprise and he has kept that energy up throughout. I loved his and Janette’s partnership and you could tell that they really loved dancing together.


Dr Ranj and Janette – Samba

This was such a cute dance and I like seeing Ranj all smiling and properly into this dance. Apart from the small issue with timing, I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It was full of energy, he did the rest of the steps right and I could see this natural bounce he had that is so hard with this dance. It just made the dance so fun to watch and I love his flamboyance and campiness which is always perfect for this dance. It was definitely a step up from last weeks and I’m so glad he’s back on board.


Dr. Ranj & Janette – Jive – (5,5,5,5) 20

I completely agree with the judges that unfortunately it wasn’t the most techniquely accurate and on point dance, however it was so much fun to watch. Ranj looked like he was really enjoying him self and the two puppets at the end of the bed was a nice touch.


Dr. Ranj & Janette – American Smooth – ( 5 , 6 , 7 , 7 ) 25

Such a sweet dance that saw Ranj’s personality shine through. It was another stron dance and this will hopefully continue the further along he gets in the competition.


Dr Ranj & Janette – Paso Doble – ( 6, 7 , 7 , 7 ) 27

Such a fantastic dance from Dr Ranj, so much power and a completely different side of Ranj we haven’t seen before. Surprising good, he managed to produce some wonderful shapes and create a really good Paso Doble. His outfit was also fantastic.


Charles & Karen – An Officer and a Gentlemen –

American Smooth – (6, 6, 6, 7) 25

Unfortunate to see Charles in the bottom two, as they had a very good dance. A wonderful routine with great music. Interesting to see what they produce next week.


Dr Ranj & Janette – Aladdin – Quickstep – (4, 5, 5, 6) 20

A good effort from Ranj as a first ballroom dance, we’re so used to seeing him do Latin that a quickstep was refreshing to see. The Aladdin theme fit perfectly for these two as well, and the fun and expressive Dr Ranj that we all love was not lost in this dance.

Movie Week Part 1

Vick and Graziano – Salsa

Mamma Mia is probably one of my favourite films of all time and a salsa to this song has to be a match made in heaven. So, I mean there was quite a lot of faff at the start but, when she did do salsa, it was pretty decent. She’s so light footed and she did have great hip action and was so perfect in the role as Donna. However, no fault of Vick, there didn’t seem to be enough Salsa and I saw a lot more samba content that resembled Danny and Oti’s samba. BUT, the lifts were great and I did enjoy watching it even though I’m a bit unsure about the choreography

Dr Ranj and Janette – Quickstep

Sorry, let me clarify, Disney is my favourite thing and, because I’m Indian, my dream is to be Princess Jasmine – I also love the quickstep so 🙂 I do wish they’d done it to One Jump Ahead but man, was that a great dance even though the song wasn’t the best! There were some issues where I saw him hesitate but the story telling was great, he was so light on his feet and most of his footwork was on point – it was so adorable and I love them <3

Lee and Nadiya – Cha Cha

After last week, I was wondering how he’d bounce back. I saw him attempt those straight legs but the problem was that it wasn’t there a lot of the time BUT I did see him trying to get into it even with those camp walks. I just don’t think this was his dance and, apart from looking proper into it, he just didn’t have the fundamentals!