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Dances – Part 1

Joe and Dianne – Cha Cha

You know what, I don’t like a cha cha at all but it wasn’t half bad for one of the hardest dances. I saw so many attempts at that straight leg and it did make the cha cha look a lot more slick and crisp. But, even though he probably tried, I just didn’t see any hips and, because he’s so skinny, it was even more obvious that he didn’t have any hip action and just looked a bit awkward. I loved how into it he was getting and he is definitely improving week by week and his ability to hear the music really helps! 

Vick and Graziano – Quickstep

This was such a cute dance and they looked so adorable. She has really got so much better at acting and the chemistry between the two of them in this dance was so cute and I just felt like I was watching a film. Also, apart from some times where her shoulders were raised into her neck, she was so effortless as she danced across the floor. The timing was perfect and the position of her fingers was so elegant that it all just looked so graceful which made a usually hard dance look so effortless.

Danny and Amy – Viennese Waltz

This is what I love to see from Danny – a smile always makes a dance 100x better and it made me feel so happy watching them dance, not just because I want to be Amy and have that dress. I loved how much he relaxed this week and, along with his attempts at fleckles and beautiful frame, it was just such a beautiful dance to watch – it was so elegant and I could just imagine watching them on the West End or Broadway dancing along to an orchestra and just making me smile!

Faye and Gio – Rumba

I normally hate the rumba but by god, for this dance and week 4, that was absolutely amazing. She had all the emotion we normally never have in this dance, we had amazing and such soft hip action and everything was just so fluid and smooth. It was crazy how much I liked it – the slowness of it didn’t seem to scare her and it just looked so elegant!


Joe & Dianne – High School Musical – American Smooth

– (6, 7, 6, 7)26

Nice to see joe do a ballroom dance and again I was very impressed. And hopefully his ballroom improves throughout the show and he definitely could become an all rounder.

Dances Part 2

Kate and Aljaz – Foxtrot

After the beauty of last week, I know Kate is just going to keep stepping up her game and she also looks gorgeous as Jessica Rabbit (though I would’ve loved to have seen Aljaz as Jessica Rabbit). Even with that little slip at the start, I think Kate bounced back perfectly and, like last week, she was seductive, sultry and the dancing was so good – I mean her frame was so nice and her footwork was so precise. I couldn’t even tell that she wasn’t a pro and I am so excited to see where she goes from here because I didn’t expect her to be this good!

Stacey and Devin – Jive

You know what, I was pleasantly surprised about how good this dance was! After last week’s awkward cha cha, It might have been basic but it was all executed really well. Her kicks and flicks were sharp, she had full on energy all the way through and the timing was great. It is hard to keep up with Kevin but she did it perfectly and I can’t complain!

Joe and Dianne – American Smooth

Even though this is my favourite song, I’m sad to say it wasnt as good as I wanted it to be and I think Latin is definitely more his thing. He was adorable but there was some issues with the way he moved across the floor because it was a bit skippy and jumpy, his bum was out a bit but his face just looked permanently in pain. It wasn’t awful but it just didn’t seem natural and had the charisma that I love from this dance! But, it wasn’t awful and I know he’ll do even better the next time!


Joe & Dianne – Charleston ( 7, 8, 8, 8 ) 31

Another fantastic dance from Joe, full of energy and some brilliant swivel. Joe could really go far in this competition and it’s really exciting to see. Also some wonderful choreography from Dianne I loved the thatching theme and the ladderography. I’m very interested to see what his ballroom will be like.

Dances – Part 2

Kate and Aljaz – Tango

Is it just me or is this really good! From her initial flower in the vase position to her passion to that intensity and even the footwork looks solid and I saw no mistakes. Honestly, I couldn’t have believed that this was Kate a newsreader because she was completely transformed into a seductive sultry mistress who commanded that stage from the minute she did that section in the mirror! I don’t even know how to criticise this because I was entranced from the minute the music started! YAS QUEEN!

Joe and Dianne – Charleston

Another great dance from Joe and I’m starting to worry he peaked too early and got his best dances at the start! Although the swivels weren’t the prettiest, they were there and lord, it was so fast paced and the choreography was so amazing. I didn’t see him miss a step and it was just so clean and not like someone who has only danced for a few weeks! He also smashed those lifts which were so scary and high risk! It was cheeky and I actually loved watching them!

Susanna and Anton – Foxtrot

It’s better than last week and I did see some smooth and elegant bits at the start but, once she got into hold, it all just seemed a bit clumsy and like Anton was dragging her across the floor. She looked stunning but I just don’t think she got fully to grips with it.

Lee and Nadiya – Jive

Well I was so impressed with that jive. Although it wasn’t Jay standard, it was fast paced, light footed and full of energy. I also loved how he was Elvis throughout and put so much character into it. I did notice that he was getting tired towards the end but he put in some welly and it was great to watch, even if the tiredness let him down with the kicks and the precisness of the kicks and flicks! 


Joe & Dianne – Jive ( 6, 7, 7, 7 ) 27

I think many people were impressed with Joe’s Jive including Craig and myself. I was not expecting joe to be as good as he was. His and Dianne’s partnership is fantastic and I think that this will really help them in the show. His ballroom will be interesting to see and also some of the other Latin dances. But such a good start and I think he could be a dark horse of the competition.

Dances Part 4 (hasn’t it been a long night)

Lee and Nadiya – Waltz

Well isn’t the chemistry so strong! You know what, the two of them look so cute together and, even though there were a few stumbles, it was nice to watch and he did try to get into this story and lead Nadiya around the dance floor. It did look like he was terrified and I know that he can do better and put more passion and drive into the moves, but it wasn’t too bad for a first try! I was surprised about the timing issues but I know that the nerves probably got in the way. I was a bit annoyed about how blaise Shirley was about his mistakes… 

Joe and Dianne – Jive

It’s time for our ‘social media’ star! You know what, for a first, it wasn’t too bad. He’s a cheeky chappy and had some great energy and did attempt to do some of the moves well, like his feet were quick and those kicks were nice and sharp and there was some great retraction. It did sometimes get a bit messy when he did some of the non-jive moves but that didn’t really matter and I can see great potential. It wasn’t the best but it wasn’t the worst – there’s room for improvement but I appreciate the effort. 

Faye and Gio – Cha Cha 

I have such high hopes for Faye and she was one of my favourites going in and she didn’t disappoint! I loved Gio putting in some Steps stuff but, apart from that, the pure cha cha was there. She could’ve had a bit more hip but she had rhythm, her leg extensions and the ability to have straight legs throughout was amazing and she executed those moves so well. She was also just so fun to watch and it looked like she was having an amazing time which was what I love to see! I can’t wait to see Faye in the next few shows because I bet she is going to smash it!

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