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The winners of best partnership goes to Catherine & Johannes

You could tell from day one that they really got along and their friendship got stronger and stronger as the weeks went on. It was so lovely to see them having a laugh and that Johannes was able to make Catherine enjoy the Strictly experience and help her relax during what I can only imagine is a nerve wracking and stressful time. Their incredible partnership was also what made their dances that extra bit special, with their rumba during movies week sprining to mind.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The winner for best professional dance is Johannes Radebe

I was so excited when strictly announced that Johannes would be getting a partner this year, he was someone that you knew was on the show but didn’t know much about. But my god do we know who he is now, not only did he do a wonderful job with Catherine showing that he is a fantastic teacher and so easy to get along with, but he also made Strictly history and delivered some of the most iconic moments on the show.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to Catherine & Johannes

I’ve loved watching the friends and partnership between these two blossom, they have complimented each other somwell and mae each of their dances that bit more special because of it. Catherine kept on improving and growing each week and the confidence that has shone through has been Incredible to see. What a debut for Johannes as well, and has truly stamped his place in the Strictly history books and has become one of the nations favourites.

Catherine & Johannes – Cha Cha Cha – 6, 6 ,5 ,7 34

Catherine had good characterisation and hip action, they have such a good partnership and were able to play with that during this dance. Her free arm needs work, as well as her balance coming in and out of moves especially when doing a faster dance. This dance seemed more placed rather than free and flowing.


Catherine & Johannes – Tango – 6, 7, 7, 8 28

Catherine had good attack and there was contact between them during the whole routine, she also had a good top line. however, I didn’t get an intense or passionate feeling between the two of them this week which was a shame as they normally have really good chemistry and I couldn’t really find a storyline with this dance.

Catherine & Johannes – Charleston – 6, 8, 8, 8 30

Catherine looked like she was having fun and so was Johannes, they were in sync with each other which is so important with this dance and Catherine managed to keep up. There didn’t seem to be a lot of swivel which is a shame but the dance was so packed with content and so fast it meant that not every move was clear and sharp.

This weeks dance of the Week is Catherine and Johannes’ amazing Rumba. This dance was so beautiful to watch, the chemistry they have and the story they created was amazing. This was also such a surprise from Catherine and I hope that this will give her a confidence boost moving forward.

Catherine & Johannes – A Star is Born – Rumba – 8, 8, 8, 8 32

Really good for a first go at the rumba, it’s notoriously difficult and Catherine made it look so effortless. This was such an improvement from last week and hopefully this will boost her confidence going forward. The brilliant choreography from Johannes created such an amazing atmosphere you could sense it through the TV created there is also such good chemistry between these two which really helpedTVcreated with the storytelling. Also I have to mention that Catherine’s dress was absolutely gorgeous and she looked stunning.

Catherine & Johannes- Samba – 4, 5, 5, 5 19 

If she had performed the Samba later on in the series week 7 or 8 I think she would have been a lot better, this is because by then she would have a lot more confidence and be able to let go a lot more. Unfortunately it was too placed and elegant not down and earthy like Motsi was saying.