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The first couple of 2019 is Catherine & Johannes. Love it such a good pairing I think they could really go far and produce some memorable dances.

I'm so sad about Graziano and Gorka (especially Gorka since we'd gotten to know him more) but also looking forward to seeing Johannes and Neil on the show. I wonder why the decisions were made? I know some people have said for Gorka it was a height thing but there's at least three women who would have been short enough for him? (And like you, I thought he'd be paired with Alex)

Hi, yes the press are reporting that height is why both Gorka ( not enough short celebs) and Graziano ( not tall enough for some women celebs ) have not been made part of the main cast. And like you I also thought that there were enough shorter women that Gorka would get a partner, but i think that because he has just had a baby that he may have asked not to have a partner so that he can concerntrate on his new family, which I love and totally makes sense. However, I am so excited to see Neil & Johannes, I have been hoping Neil would get a partner every series since he joined so I’m really happy. And Johannes seems like such a lovely guy so I’m glad we are going to get to see more of him. I think this series is going to be great I just can’t wait for the show to actually start now!

The Professional Dancers of 2019 Series 17

The professional dancers of Strictly 2018 P.T.1

Some sassy hair whipping from our new professional dancers !!

Meet the new Strictly pros Johannes, Luba and Graziano who all did an interview with hello magazine

Johannes Radebe, 31, from South Africa is two-time Professional South African Latin Champion and three time South African Amateur Latin Champion. He is a dancer with the Afro Arimba Dance Company and has also been a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing South Africa for two seasons, both times reaching the final.
He says: “Joining Strictly Come Dancing is one of the greatest achievements of my dancing career. It is such an honour to be chosen to be a part of an incredible cast and be part of one of the biggest shows that is celebrated worldwide. I cannot wait to get started and experience the magic with the UK!”

And here it is the first official picture for Strictly Come Dancing 2018. Professionals began rehearsals today with head choreographer Jason Gilkison.

Oti and Johannes met in South Africa for some early Strictly rehearsals, they look amazing can’t wait to see them on the show !!

Our three new Strictly Come Dancing professionals. Welcome to the SCD family Graziano, Johannes and Luba !!!