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Don’t they both look fab? This is such a good song and from the go, you can see that pure intensity that this dance needs and he is really leading Oti across that floor. I can see that dinosaur bum popping out a bit but he is really embracing the feel of this dance and I can already see vast improvements in his posture at certain stages as well as his swift and stacatto head movements. I don’t know if I was feeling the theme but I really feel like Jonnie is coming into himself and is really enjoying dancing each week! There was so much intent when he came out to dance and I always love watching the two of them dance!

Jonnie & Oti – Foxtrot – 21 (4,5,6,6)

I actually enjoyed this dance very much. Jonnie has improved on his acting and story telling immensely and it was a shame that Darcey didn’t pick up on that a little but more. His frame is an issue with the shoulders but I think Oti will work on that. To hear those comments must have been very hard and I hope that they don’t, along with being in the dance off, knock his confidence as he has come such a long way.

½ stills from last nights Strictly Come Dancing

Jonnie & Oti – Salsa – 27 (6,7,7,7)

A lot of improvement from Jonnie with his Latin dances and he seems very comfortable now with these styles of dances. It’s great to see his confidence growing and him improving throughout the show. Again wonderful choreography from Oti and brilliantly performed.

I know Jonnie isn’t that good at latin but I am really looking forward to this dance way too much! He always puts in 100% and even though I bet the judges won’t like it, I love seeing his more fun and naughty side when he’s doing these kinds of dances! He perfectly executed those lifts and his armography was actually really good and technical – I guess there was a lack of hip action but I do love watching him week after week just having an amazing time and puts everything into his dance! He perfectly showed Oti off in an amazing life and had a really nice sense of musicality and groove! I still love Jonnie!

2/2 stills from last night’s Halloween Special

Now, Jonnie started the VT with so much charisma and the occasional shitty joke – I love this boy way too much!

Apart from the real weird choice of song, I am really enjoying this dance! Sometimes I can see that he struggles to straighten his legs but apart from that, it’s a joy to watch. He’s committed to all the moves and i couldn’t see any mistakes, he was moving his hips, he completed all that technical armography and he just had a great time. There were some moves that I was like, oh my gosh, was that actually Jonnie dancing? Considering how much he struggles with latin, I really enjoyed this dance, even if the judges didn’t – SO PLEASE VOTE FOR JONNIE SO HE GETS THROUGH TO NEXT WEEK <3 Also, I love me a pirate…

Jonnie & Oti – Quickstep – 24 (7,8,9)

Lovely to see the blade back on for Jonnie. This dance was better than expected and he did incredibly well to keep up with Oti with all the complexed footwork. At times it looked like he was a little of balance but he managed to control it and got a very respectable score.

2/2 stills from all the couples last night