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Charles & Karen – 35 (8,9,9,9) – Rumba

I definitely agree with the judges that it was one of the best male celeb rumbas on Strictly. So masculine and strong but whilst still maintaining the hip action and subtle ness that the men always struggle to master. Such a beautiful dance that really captured the musical and had again such wonderful stroytelling.


This week we have to say goodbye to Charles & Karen. They have an extraordinary run on the show, surviving multiple dance offs, scoring 25 I don’t know how many times in a row, to performing the first ever street dance on Strictly and Karen getting her first ever 10 in her 7 year history on the show. They have been a fantastic pair to watch and Charles has grown in confidence and improved each week. He definetly shows that Strictly is all about and has been a joy to watch each Saturday night.


Charles and Karen – Rumba

So it’s no lie that I hate the rumba but I love Charles and Karen so hopefully something can click with them and they won’t have the dreaded rumba curse. You know what, apart from the weird song, this was one of the most natural male rumbas I’ve seen in a long time. He was so strong, he moved in such a beautiful way from the steps to those hips, he led Karen across the floor and for once, I saw such emotional and felt the romance in this dance. I can definitely agree that it may just be one of the bets male rumbas I’ve ever seen. It didn’t feel too forced, it didn’t feel rigid and it just oozed grace and romance which is what the dance needs. It’s one rumba I wouldn’t mind watching again – I’m so proud of him and I couldn’t ask for anymore for this dance.


Charles & Karen – Samba – (9,9,10,10)

What a dance, they completely knocked it out of the park. Full of rhythm and musicality and we can’t forget that hip action !! It most definitely deserved the 10s, it was the biggest surprise of the night for me.



Charles and Karen – Charleston

I’m going to eat a sprout if Charles and Karen are in the bottom 2 again. This was such an amazing dance and probably rivalled their street dance. It was quirky, full of charisma and just perfectly in time and sync with Karen. The choreography was so complicated with a nice blend of modern and traditional choreography which meant that I got everything that I love from this dance. I know it could’ve been more crazy and quirky but that’s not Charles character, he’s so cool and he actually made the charleston look suave and cool which suits me fine. Pleas vote for him because I loved it and I’d love to see them at Blackpool.


Charles and Karen – Viennese Waltz

I swear, if this gets 25, this show is cancelled. Like Graeme, Charles completely transformed himself this week. Apart from the amazing frame and footwork (I mean bro did you see that fleckle), for me, it was the storytelling and the chemistry he had with Karen that really made me melt inside. It was soft, elegant and just full of beautiful-ness and the fact that the footwork was awesome was just an added bonus for me! I could watch this dance every day and I just believed this story so much. I swear, this guys a contender and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to be doing in the next few weeks.


Charles & Karen – Jive – (6,6,6,7) 25

Charles is this years mr consultant with another score of 25, which is a shame as I think he has improved a lot since week 1. It wasn’t his best dance and the was definetly a lot of mistakes, you could see him looking at Karen a lot for what was coming next. They were out of sync a couple of times as well but I think the scores for this week were fair, it’s just ashame that they don’t reflect his overall improvement.


Dances – Part 3

Seann and Katya – Viennese waltz

You know what Craig, it wasn’t as bad as you make out. It was actually probably one of his better ballroom dances and I loved how much characterisation that he put in this dance and that, combined with Katya’s choreography, he did try so hard. I know he isn’t one of the most natural dancers but the judges should appreciate that and know that it doesn’t come as effortlessly as people like Ashley. Sometimes I think the judges don’t give these guys enough credit – it wasn’t as bad as people say and the characterisation helped this dance and I hate how it wasn’t picked up as much as it should of.

Charles and Karen – Jive

Apart from maybe a second out of time, this dance was absolutely amazing from the outfits, the choreography and the characterisation. It was full on from start to end and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the two of them – the two of them work so perfectly together and it was just a proper jive that I could watch it again and again. Shirley and Darcey were emphasising the mistakes way too much because it was probably one of the best dances of the night and I just hope people pick up the phone and vote because 25 is so undermarked.

Faye and Giovanni – showdance

I don’t even know what I can say about this dance… it was so amazing in every way. From the coolness, to the character to the actual dance, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. I do love Giovanni but Faye was so good that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Joe and dianne – Foxtrot

What a jam, let me say that first because #5sosfam but, apart from that, I was so confused. Like I literally thought it was a tango for most of. I know he’s trying but I didn’t think it was that good and it was all just a bit basic, a bit bland and a bit meh. Like I don’t know if the judges are being nice to not get hate but I just don’t get it. Like he’s good, but he’s nowhere near as good in his moves or personality as a lot of the others


Charles & Karen – Street- ( 9 , 9 , 9 , 9 ) 36

What a comeback from Charles, this was his dance. It suited him so well and the choreography was amazing. Something so different and unique, they were so in sync with each other, it was really quite impressive. I’m hoping that this has given him a boost in his confidence and he can keep improving week on week.