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Dances – Part 2

Katie and Gorka – Jive

She is so inspiring but as much as I hate to say it, like it’s just not as good as some of the others. Even though her acting and personality is shining, she’s just so flat footed and makes her steps look heavy. It also seems like she’s not really beating that music which means that she’s out of time on a lot of it. However, she is such a joy to watch and I love seeing her blossom.

Charles and Karen – Salsa

YAS! He definitely came back with a bang and I was shimmying the entire way through. He was full of so much energy and those hips really don’t lie – like I think I was entranced by his charisma and the fact that he just owned this dance! Also, the lifts were so magnificent and he even made sure he saved that lift which could’ve ended so badly for Karen. He can’t be in that bottom two again because it was fire 🔥

Lauren and AJ – Quickstep

Even with those mistakes in the footwork, Lauren did really well to get back Into the dance and it was overall so cute to watch and it did seem so elegant. She kept up with AJ across that floor and even if it was slightly skippy, she was full of energy and I felt like she put 100% into it and it’s so much better than some of her other dances and the only way is up. She’s like a changed woman and this dance really brought out her personality

Last week’s pro dance was pure beauty and pass…

Last week’s pro dance was pure beauty and passion


Charles & Karen – Quickstep ( 5, 6, 7, 7 ) 25

A wonderful dance from Charles, if he stays in and is able to keep practising he could become an all rounder. I was very surprised with this dance and Charles has great musicality. It was a shame about the timing issue near the end of the dance, but a great first ballroom dance.


Charles & Karen – Cha Cha Cha ( 6, 6, 6, 7 ) 25

An impressive first dance which shows that Charles has rhythm and a lot of potential. However, I have to agree with Shirley that I didn’t see much Cha Cha in the dance but that’s not Charles fault. I think if they stay in the contest for as long as they can we will see a lot of improvement from Charles


The professional dancers of Strictly 2018 P.T.1

Dances Part 2

Vick and Graziano – Jive

The jive is one of my favourite dances as you know and from the first show, I think she’s going to be great! Graziano gave her some really hard choreography and, for the first week, she did so well and has amazing rhythm and she really put everything into the dance! I did see issues with the lines of her leg because her feet weren’t pointed and there wasn’t that fast retraction I like seeing from people’s legs – just a bit heavy! I think if it was two novices, it would have looked better but Graziano was just so good and it didn’t make her look as good as she could! Craig was so unfair with the scores because she did so well considering how hard that dance is!

Susanna and Anton – Samba

I am sorry but I don’t know if I critique this because I don’t think my eyes could leave Anton from that amazing entrance to that outift to his maracas popping out! I mean… I just don’t have any words but at least she had fun and I couldn’t stop laughing!

Charles and Karen – Cha Cha

You know what, he was as good as I expected and some more! This guy had everything and it was such an amazing cha cha – he had that flair and confidence but he also had the main components: there was rhythm, great hips and he attemped the straight leg throughout. I don’t care what Shirley said, it was a great cha cha and so modern and I can’t wait to see what he’ll pull out next! It was so nice to watch and I couldn’t have asked for more. If you’re going to be picky, don’t be insulting choreography and stressing out the celebs so early on because they don’t need that!

Ashley and Pasha – Viennese Waltz

I am so shocked at the dances this year because Viennese Waltz is my favourite but so hard! I am not surprised that this dance was so amazing, I mean she had nice posture, amazing elegance and her grace was second to none! Her musicality really was beautiful and helped her glide through this dance and connect to the story and make the audience feel something! I was naughty and didn’t look out for my favourite fleckles but I will rewatch it and let you know 🙂


Charles & Karen #team12pack are doing the Cha Cha for Week 1


Official couple photos – Charles & Karen #team12pack


What a good looking pair Charles & Karen make, could they surprise us all and make it to the final ??

Boys – Part 2

Seann Walsh – Katya Jones

It seems like ages since I’ve last seen Seann on television and he’s absolutely hilarious and having Katya is going to be amazing because she’s like my favourite (with Oti). She always comes up with the best choreography and is honestly the most adorable person ever! 

Charles Venn – Karen (not sure if it’s Clifton or Hauer)

This guy seems like a proper charmer and I really hope that he has rhythm because he looks like a smooth operator. I also love Karen so this is going to be awesome too, I mean any of these guys were going to be lucky enough to get any of the 3 professionals. Karen didn’t get a chance to shine last year so let’s hope that he goes the mile!

Graeme Swan – Oti Mabuse

Michael Vaughn was a great dancer and he was a cricketer and Mark Ramprakash and Darren Gough both won! Who knows, it might be a secret thing that cricket players are actually really amazing and secretly dance ballroom and Latin in their houses at night when they’re not doing sports. Oti is my queen and is going to be amazing, I mean I can’t complain!