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Gutted that Chris & Karen are leaving

He has worked so hard and giving it absolutely everything, he is what the show is all about and has had a true Strictly journey. Yes, he has provided lots of entertainment and lots of laughs but he has also delivered some proper dances with difficult content and has grown so much as a dancer.

Chris & Karen – Viennese Waltz – 7, 7, 6, 6 26

This was not the right song for a Viennese and I think this hurt them a bit. Chris’ frame has improved a lot, he looks more elegant and more like a dancer, it was such a shame about the little mistake. The judges all put it brilliantly that although this dance wasnt the best, he has come such a long way and has embodied the show completely .

Chris & Karen – Rumba – 4, 8, 8, 8 28

This was so much better than I expected it to be, yes it was not technically brilliant and it would have been nice to see more rumba content. But Chris’ performance and acting skills have come a long long way and I really enjoyed watching it.

Strictly Dances – Part 4

Chris and Karen – Rumba

uh oh. You know wha, that initial thing was mean. Technically, there wasn’t much power in the feet and I didnt see any hips (apart from Karen’s amazing hips). However, wow, this was actually a really beautifully performed dance from start to end. It was so emotional and the story telling just pulled me in from start to end. It’s so amazing to see how far he has come not only in the way he dances, but what he shows on his face. He is a comedian for goodness sake, and he is producing things like that. Things that could make me cry and want to watch a full on film based on it. The judges were harsh on the technique, even though it was definitely not the worst rumba I’ve ever seen, and I love Chris.

Karim and Amy – American Smooth

If that last dance was passion, this was pure adorable from start to end – it was literally the epitome of cute. I knew American Smooth would be great because, not only does it have a lot of technique, it has this flair and stylistic essence that Karim always does perfectly. Apart from that and the amazing musicality, it was technically perfect from the footwork to the frame throughout. Like Chris and Karen, I felt immersed in a little story of a couple in love. The two of them just work perfectly together and look like a proper little couple, even though I know thats not the case. The music, the set and the outfits all worked together like clockwork and with the amazing choreography from Amy, it just all worked and I would happily watch it again – just not in the dance off!

Strictly Dances – Part 2

Chris and Karen – Viennese Waltz

Bless Chris, bless his little sicks. I am actually surprised at how good this dance was. Considering a few weeks ago, Chris hated ballroom and couldn’t even get higher than a 5 in ballroom. However, it was so adorable and technically, it wasn’t too bad at all. He did most of the footwork really well, his frame was solid from start to end and his little fingers looked so delicate that it could’ve been a professional. Also, what i loved was how much he got into the story with Karen. It was actually adorable! I think people sometimes forgot that he is a complete novice, but I would happily watch it again.

Karim and Amy – Argentine Tango

Wow. It was so mesmerising from start to end. Like, even though sometimes Karim looks like a little boy compared to Amy, he stuck to the character and really sold the dance. Vincent was right when he said this was such a complicated dance. It had a great number of music changes and also the technique was overall very good and staccato. I did see a small balance issue when he was attempting to do a pivot, but it is so hard when you have to be so powerful throughout. It wasn’t Karim’s best but it was such a hard dance and he did amazing for what its worth!

Chris & Karen – Oliver – Foxtrot – 6, 7, 8, 7 28

Chris had good storytelling which has been a big improvement over the competition, I have definitely seen him grow in confidence which has helped him develop his performing skills. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much foxtrot in the dance which was a shame because I was interested to see Chris in ballroom again. But it was a good opener to the show and a wonderful way to kick off Musicals Week.

Chris and Karen – Foxtrot

I saw a few issues with Chris’s frame because there was some gapping between his and Karen’s arm and some raised shoulders. However, I really enjoyed watching the whole dance. I didn’t see any mistakes with the footwork which is a huge improvement compared to previous weeks. The biggest thing for me had to be the stuff out of hold and characterisation. Honestly, it was so good. From the start to end, he had so much energy and looked like he was having so much fun. Whenever him and Karen have a dance like this, they work perfectly together and it was a great way to start musicals week. Sometimes technique doesn’t matter and all you want is for people to have fun watching you!

Chris & Karen – Paso Doble – 8, 8, 8, 7 31

Chris looked like he was concentrating too much rather that relaxing, he has definitely improved with the acting and storytelling, and I loved the ending. However I felt as though it lacked the Paso shaping and lines like Bruno explained and to me didn’t feel like much of a Paso Doble.

Chris & Karen – Salsa – 7, 8, 9, 9 33

Chris had good energy throughout and also good interaction with all the dancers. He was in sync and in time with everyone during the big group section and being at the front of them all meant that there was no room for error. However, this felt like more of a street dance rather than a Salsa. Unfortunately, the dance was highly overscorred and I think it being the opening dance at Blackpool got the judges a little bit too excited.

Blackpool Dances – Part 1

Chris and Karen – salsa

I want to congratulate Karen on choreographing a party dance. We know Chris isn’t the mot comfortable with Latin dances, but this played to his strengths. It had the hips in which he really tried to do, but mostly it was just Chris having a lot of fun. There was times where there was proper salsa content and then sometimes it was just Chris having a bit of fun and dancing. He sold it from start to end with energy and i didnt actually see any mistakes. The technique or lack of it was probably covered by the huge set up, but it worked. Like i said, Karen really did amazing things with Chris and he combined fun with attempts at hips that, a few weeks ago, we couldn’t have even imagined!

Emma and Anton – American Smooth

With the King of ballroom, there were high expectations for Emma and Anton with the American Smooth. It had a great song, great outfit and great set up which made for a really nice dance. She kept this nice frame throughout and had this air of grace about herself that just meant she glided across the floor. It was definitely a beautiful dance and everything just fitted together and with Anton, it was one of her better dances. However, as good as I thought it was, there still seems to be something missing with Emma and i cannot put my finger on it.

Alex and Neil – Paso Doble

With a song like this, a dance like this, Alex really has won the jackpot and she slayed throughout. It was such a risk having Alex come out by herself and do a huge section alone, but she was amazing. From start to end, she had this intensity in her eyes and also this passion throughout her body. You could see that sh was really concentrating on the shaping whether it was her arms or her body. Alongside some really nice technique, it was full of so much sass and was really empowering from women. Considering she started the competition with no experience and being unable to perform, she owned and sold this dance so well. I didnt think I’d love it, but I did with the combo of paso and Queen B!

Chris & Karen – Tango – 5, 7, 7, 7 26

Loved it! Chris danced and performed this amazingly well, he was strong, in control and so dramatic. Full of passion and intent and he made no mistakes. The version of the song worked wonders with this dance as well to create an intense atmosphere that elevated the dance significantly.