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Dances – Part 4

Danny and Amy – Jive

Even though you could see he got ever so slightly tired (I mean hes 56), omg this was a full on, amazing jive and all I can say is BLOODY HELL BRUH! This dance was full on from the start of the dance and Amy didn’t even give him time to slow down which made it even more amazing that he stayed in time, kept up his energy and just made it look effortless. It has to be one of the best dances this series because, along with his gorg smile, it was so slick, precise and that retraction was just like a professional! Sometimes I watch him and I can’t even with Danny – he is always so amazing and with Amy, they really are such an amazing couple and… I’m still shooketh about this dance. #YAY

Faye and Gio – Foxtrot

I always love watching these two and Faye’s ability to get in and out of hold while keeping her frame is just amazement. The storyline was so adorable with the song and Gio’s choreography from the sections in hold to the solo parts where just so pure and it just makes me love watching her even more! I sometimes forget that I’m watching a celebrity because Faye is just a natural performer and I think she’s a natural dancer too.

Charles and Karen – Couple’s choice (street/ commercial)

I don’t think it’s fair that they’ve been in the bottom 2 twice because they didn’t deserve it. I am so excited for this because Charles has this natural flair and charisma that will be perfect for this dance, same with Karen. You know what. I had high expectations for this and they were so met! Charles was so cool and it just seemed so effortless that I wanted to get up and join him and Karen. I mean I was sceptical about this dance style but we got to see that Charles can really dance – I mean I couldn’t tell pro from celebrity! It was just so cool and amazing- bruh it was sick af man! I could happily watch this dance everyday and him and Karen are just such a great pairing! #pleasevoteforCharles #funkymaster

Dances Part 4

Seann and Katya – Paso Doble 

Omg is all I can say – what a transformation! This is why Katya Jones is one of my favourite people ever! The choreography was amazing from Katya being absolutely flexible and like not human to that slow motion section which blew my mind. I also can’t forget how well Seann did, like he had the passion, he did those steps so well and his arms had shapes that were like professional dancers. It’s crazy what a difference a week can make and it was one of my favourite paso’s ever! Like, Katya created another masterpiece and Seann did it so much justice!

Lauren and AJ – Cha Cha 

Lauren always tries her hardest but the problem with this dance was it did show her weaknesses. I didn’t see her drive the energy and this wasn’t helped by the lack of hip and straight leg. I know she’ll come back fighting and maybe, like a lot of other people, ballroom is her forte and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Charles and Karen – American Smooth

Omg (again) – this was so cute and I’m like fangirling how cute it was! He is literally such a smooth operator and can make my heart melt with how handsome and romantic he is! He also had really nice technique, I mean his hands were so elegant and never seemed misplaced, he glided across that floor and just made the whole dance seem so easy because he looks effortless and just floats across the floor and makes Karen look amazing. I also can’t tell you how much I loved those lifts – LIFT ME CHARLES! 

So guys, that’s the line-up complete! Who do y…

Here’s to the next few months!

Boys – Part 2

Seann Walsh – Katya Jones

It seems like ages since I’ve last seen Seann on television and he’s absolutely hilarious and having Katya is going to be amazing because she’s like my favourite (with Oti). She always comes up with the best choreography and is honestly the most adorable person ever! 

Charles Venn – Karen (not sure if it’s Clifton or Hauer)

This guy seems like a proper charmer and I really hope that he has rhythm because he looks like a smooth operator. I also love Karen so this is going to be awesome too, I mean any of these guys were going to be lucky enough to get any of the 3 professionals. Karen didn’t get a chance to shine last year so let’s hope that he goes the mile!

Graeme Swan – Oti Mabuse

Michael Vaughn was a great dancer and he was a cricketer and Mark Ramprakash and Darren Gough both won! Who knows, it might be a secret thing that cricket players are actually really amazing and secretly dance ballroom and Latin in their houses at night when they’re not doing sports. Oti is my queen and is going to be amazing, I mean I can’t complain!

Hey guys! So Strictly is back on tomorrow and …

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This means the start of Strictly season is nea…

This means the start of Strictly season is near!

After the thrills of movie week, lets see what our celebs can bring to the table!

Who are you all looking forward too?

Simon and Karen: Paso Doble

Karen always works her magic with chefs *cough Dave* so I know that, whatever his dance ability may be, Karen will make him sweat and work hard. I have to say Simon did as well as he could, I mean it was a bit of a disaster, wasn’t it? The start seemed a bit camp then it just went to mush – he was missing steps, stumbling and losing his posture like there was no tomorrow. I can’t fault his intent and desire to do well but it looks like all his work didn’t really pay off like he would’ve wanted! It was funny to watch… my dad couldn’t even watch it because he found it so cringe throughout. Poor Simon looked like a spoilt child having a tantrum 😛

Here’s our celebs dancing for the first time on television!

Here’s our celebs dancing for the first time on television!