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Katie & Gorka – Jive – ( 3 , 5 , 5 , 5 ) 18

Lovely to see Katie enjoying her self so much, it showed that she had grown in confidence and was becoming more confident and less nervous. It really helped her personality come through and because of that she was really improving each week. In this dance it was unfortunate that her technique wasn’t that great, her foot work was not as sharps as the kicks and flicks as some of the other celebs have managed. It was wonderful to see Katie grow and have her own little journey.


Sadly we have to say goodbye to Katie & Gorka this week. Katie was lovely to watch as we saw her confidence grow and grow each week and with that her dancing improved more and more as well, and that is what Strictly is all about, seeing people get better and better each week.


Katie & Gorka – LA LA LAND – Foxtrot – (5, 5, 6, 6) 22

She is going up and up in her confidence and it really shows in her performance and in her face as well. The song and dance suited her perfectly and her and Gorka’s partnership is growing as well which will help her as well. I’m hoping that this improvement keeps going.


Katie & Gorka – Paso Doble ( 2, 4, 3, 4 ) 13

Not Katie’s strongest dance unfortunately. Her confidence was so much better than last week and you couldn’t see her nerves as much, but the overall dance wasn’t the best. I think she was too stomps because like Craig said she was living her feet off the floor too much. However, there was some good attack and facial expressions from Katie and hopefully her confidence builds throughout the show.


Katie & Gorka – Waltz ( 4 , 4, 4, 5 ) 17

A very nice first dance, you could tell how nervous she was, which is normal hopefully she can control her nerves as she also has so much potential. I think ballroom dances will definitely suit her more but hopefully her Latin will also prove me wrong, I think her confidence will grow the further into the show she gets as well as her dancing ability


See what #teamkorka got up to on their first day of training


Official couple photo – Katie & Gorka #teamkorka


Can’t believe it’s only 5 days !!


These two are going to be great, it’s Katie & Gorka

Girls – Part 2

Katie Piper – Gorka Marquez

This woman is an inspiration and I love that she’s got this chance to show that what happened to her won’t stop her doing things. Also, she’s one of the luckiest girls because she’s got Gorka the Corka and, even though I doubt his dance credentials, he’s an amazing dancer and choreographer so I see good things for them.

Lauren Steadman – AJ Pritchard

This woman is stunning and she’s got my boy AJ so this is a partnership I am so excited for. They’re like little bundles of joy and are so adorable together that it’s going to look so nice. After Jonnie last year, I know she’s going to love being treated like everyone else and she has the motivation and passion of a sports person that will make her a star!

Stacey Dooley – Kevin Clifton

I don’t really know much about this woman but she’s got Kevin and I’m excited for anyone who has my Grimsby boy. I hope she has more charisma than Louise had last year and only time will tell.

Ashley Roberts – Pasha Kovalov 

I think it’s a bit unfair for Ashley to be on this because of her dance history but I don’t want to taint her too much because she might be shit at ballroom, maybe not Latin.