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I’m so confused, all these couples choices getting high scores and it’s not even a proper dance…


Seann & Katya – Viennese Waltz – (3,5,6,6) 20

A wonderful concept with some great ideas from Katya, but I expect nothing less from her. It was just a shame that Seann was out of time, I personally didn’t notice it and didnt know until the judges pointed it out, but it obviously stood out to those with a well trained eye.


This week we had to say goodbye to Seann & Katya. They were full of entertainment both on and off the dance floor. But they did produce some unique and impressive choreography. Seann was very brave to take on Katya’s unique moves and for most of the time he managed to pull it off so well done to him. However I believe it was definitely time for them to leave the competition.


Dances – Part 3

Seann and Katya – Viennese waltz

You know what Craig, it wasn’t as bad as you make out. It was actually probably one of his better ballroom dances and I loved how much characterisation that he put in this dance and that, combined with Katya’s choreography, he did try so hard. I know he isn’t one of the most natural dancers but the judges should appreciate that and know that it doesn’t come as effortlessly as people like Ashley. Sometimes I think the judges don’t give these guys enough credit – it wasn’t as bad as people say and the characterisation helped this dance and I hate how it wasn’t picked up as much as it should of.

Charles and Karen – Jive

Apart from maybe a second out of time, this dance was absolutely amazing from the outfits, the choreography and the characterisation. It was full on from start to end and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the two of them – the two of them work so perfectly together and it was just a proper jive that I could watch it again and again. Shirley and Darcey were emphasising the mistakes way too much because it was probably one of the best dances of the night and I just hope people pick up the phone and vote because 25 is so undermarked.

Faye and Giovanni – showdance

I don’t even know what I can say about this dance… it was so amazing in every way. From the coolness, to the character to the actual dance, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. I do love Giovanni but Faye was so good that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Joe and dianne – Foxtrot

What a jam, let me say that first because #5sosfam but, apart from that, I was so confused. Like I literally thought it was a tango for most of. I know he’s trying but I didn’t think it was that good and it was all just a bit basic, a bit bland and a bit meh. Like I don’t know if the judges are being nice to not get hate but I just don’t get it. Like he’s good, but he’s nowhere near as good in his moves or personality as a lot of the others


Seann & Katya – Quickstep – ( 5 , 6 , 6 , 7 ) 24

It Seann’s best dance, but I will say that it was more controlled and clearer than what I was expecting, it wasn’t all over the place and there was some good footwork.


Seann & Katya – Charleston – ( 6 , 7 , 8 , 7 ) 28

Some insane lifts from these two, Katya always manages to create new and unique lifts. However this dance was grossly over scored and didn’t deserve 28. It was incredibly messy especially towards the end. However, Seann did have some good swivel now and then


Sorry guys, the reviews for the last 3 dances just went after I accidently clicked off it. So here’s a quick overview:

Ashley and Pasha – hated to admit it but it was great

Seann and Katya – after all the issues this week, I’m glad they came back fighting with those amazing lifts and fast paced dances

Stacey and Kevin – adorable as always and I love me a good foxtrot so it ticked all my boxes with charisma, speed and tons of choreography


Hey guys, before the last of the dances, I want to say that I’m going to start making GIFs again from tomorrow and I hope you love them ❤️


Seann & Katya – The Matrix – Paso Doble – (7, 7, 8, 8) 30

What an improvement from Seann such a surprise to see. And what fantastic choreography from Katya once again so many different elements and new and unique moves never seen before.

Dances Part 4

Seann and Katya – Paso Doble 

Omg is all I can say – what a transformation! This is why Katya Jones is one of my favourite people ever! The choreography was amazing from Katya being absolutely flexible and like not human to that slow motion section which blew my mind. I also can’t forget how well Seann did, like he had the passion, he did those steps so well and his arms had shapes that were like professional dancers. It’s crazy what a difference a week can make and it was one of my favourite paso’s ever! Like, Katya created another masterpiece and Seann did it so much justice!

Lauren and AJ – Cha Cha 

Lauren always tries her hardest but the problem with this dance was it did show her weaknesses. I didn’t see her drive the energy and this wasn’t helped by the lack of hip and straight leg. I know she’ll come back fighting and maybe, like a lot of other people, ballroom is her forte and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Charles and Karen – American Smooth

Omg (again) – this was so cute and I’m like fangirling how cute it was! He is literally such a smooth operator and can make my heart melt with how handsome and romantic he is! He also had really nice technique, I mean his hands were so elegant and never seemed misplaced, he glided across that floor and just made the whole dance seem so easy because he looks effortless and just floats across the floor and makes Karen look amazing. I also can’t tell you how much I loved those lifts – LIFT ME CHARLES!