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The award for most entertaining goes to Mike & Katya

Mike was such a joy to watch on the show each week and I always looked forward to seeing what he was going to do next. He put his heart into the show and tried so hard and some weeks it really paid off for example his quickstep was so good and so unexpected, he had so much fun on the show and I loved that about him. Katya was so cleaver, as she always is, with her partners and was able to create routines that when she knew Mike was struggling technically she would make it fun and memorable live their Samba or their Cha Cha.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

It’s that time of the week…

What am amazingly musical way to start Blackpool with all of the pros and celebrities together 😀

It’s Blackpool Time for Strictly

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to Mike & Katya

Mike has been an absolute joy to watch and has really embodied what Strictly is about, taking everything in your stride and giving it your all. He improved week on week and gave us some of the most memorable moments of this series.

Mike & Katya – Paso Doble – 5, 7, 7, 6 25

His stomping at the beginning we excellent and he was in time with the music. He was strong and purposeful throughout the entire dance and the ending was dramatic and such a Katya trick. However, I did find it a bit slow and it didn’t build to a anything.

Strictly Dances – Part 1

Alex and Neil – jive

It looks like our reunited duo haven’t got any dance rust! With the exception of sometimes Alex looking a bit flat footed (maybe because of her shoes), I honestly couldn’t be prouder of the two of them. Alex has had to go through so much during the last few weeks and is still fighting. The dance had some really nice basic moves, and also some more unique stuff that you don’t normally see in the jive (yes, I’m talking about that Fortnite dance). However, apart from dancing it well which is only half of it, she just owned it in the way she danced it. There was full on energy from start to end and she just had this amazing, bright and smiling face which just made it infectious. She was musically perfect and the two of them work so well together. Welcome back Neil, we have missed you!

Mike and Katya – Paso Doble

Can I just start off by saying that Katya’s dress is amazing and I need it now! Onto the dance, god bless Mike because we all love a trier and seriously, he tried his hardest. Throughout, he was trying to keep that shaping not only in his arms but also in his body, which isn’t easy at all. There was some really nice choreography from Katya that tried to break barriers and showcase Mike in the best way. I just think that sometimes the moves were right, but they just didnt flow together – if you get my vibes?

Karim and Amy – Viennese Waltz

Once again, Karim has showed us a completely different side to his dancing, a softer and more emotional side. I know the judges might say something about it looking too skippy, however it literally took my breath away in so many ways and i didnt even notice the mistakes. I saw his attempts at the fleckle and reverse fleckle, which are so hard. He has this natural musicality and the way he moves across the room, it was so smooth and elegant from his lines to the fluidity throughout. I’m not a ballroom expert, sometimes I just look at how I feel. It made me feel things, but I see what the judges say.

Chris and Karen – Tango

Alongside some really nice choreography, I am actually happily surprised with Chris. First of all, he kept that intensity and fire throughout and secondly, he didnt dance it half bad. He tried to keep that strong frame throughout and really pushed through the dance floor leading Karen across the ring. Karen is really good at suiting the dance to Chris and, although some of it was quite simple with Karen embellishing it, but there was also some good technical stuff like the solo part where he showed off how much he has improved in his frame. It’s a completely different dance to anything he;s ever done and I really enjoyed it.

Mike & Katya – Charleston – 7, 7, 8, 8 30

Mike had good swivel which is crucial for this dance, he was in time and in sync with Katya for the most part, it was high energy throughout. But lost it with the footwork in the middle which was a shame and the lifts didn’t look stable and he didn’t look in control, this can be worked in however and Mike is definitely improving.

Strictly Dances – Part Three

Chris and Karen – Couple’s choice

From the minute this was announced, I couldn’t be more excited. Sorry, street dance, chris Ramsey and Ant and Dec – what else could be better. Apart from a few timing issues, Chris was absolutely unrecognisable in this dance. It was also the calmest and most natural I’ve seen him in the entire competition – like he was born to dance in the streets. It was full of personality and charisma, he had this swag and flair about it and i just couldn’t stop smiling from start to the end. His musicality was great, he did all the steps so well and with the edge needed for this kind of dance and it was pure joy to watch. I am so proud of what Chris has achieved and this is the perfect showcase of how hard he’s worked and also testament to his partnership with Karen. They work amazingly together and I couldn’t be happier for how well this dance went! Also, their reaction the their scores were perfection.

Emma and Anton – Rumba

Anton choreographed a very beautiful rumba indeed and you know, Emma did surprisingly well. There was a nice amount of hip action, she really tried to connect to Anton on an emotional level to get to the core of the dance and she had this amazing poise and elegance. I know the judges are very nit-pickity, especially Shirley, but for me the rumba is such a hard dance and sometimes you can’t be like this. I enjoyed watching the dance and Emma tried and made this hard dance quite nice to watch.

Mike and Katya – Charleston

It’s such a shame Mike went slightly wrong in the middle of this dance, because it perfectly suited him from start to end. Apart from these wee problems, it was so good with the personality and synchronisation which are some of the key parts of the Charleston. Katya didn’t go easy on Mike with all the moves and lifts, which may have been the reason for the mistakes. Luckily, Mike didn’t let this show on his face and so, if you weren’t looking at the details, you wouldn’t have noticed and would have just enjoyed the entire dance. It was a whole lot of fun and it’s good to finally get to see the essence of Mike and how much fun he can have with a dance.

Mike & Katya – Tango – 6, 6, 7, 7 26

Mike wasn’t leading Katya and clearly not in control, needs to work on being in hold and keeping body contact with Katya. He had good armography and again was giving a proper tango a go, I think the rabbit took away a lot from the dance without the distraction of the costume I think it would have created a more intense and dramatic atmosphere which would have showcased that he actually did an ok Tango.