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Karim and Amy

As expected, that was probably such a cute dance and a perfect way to showcase his Strictly journey. Even though it didnt have the usual mix of techniques, it showcased his talent to a tee and embodied who he is. He is technically beautiful with amazing lines, beautiful expressions of the body and just a natural flair and rhythm in his body. Combining this with the story telling and raw emotion he has whenever he dances, just made it perfect. I cant forget to mention Amy who has made a real dancer out of Karim and giving him choreography that shows him off in the best way possible. It was honest, pure and everything just came together perfectly from the dance, the outfits, the song and the set. It was so subtle and understated, but sometimes they are the best.

Emma and Anton

Hearing the music and the dance, it should have been an amazing dance and the choreography was amazing. However, I couldn’t not see the amount of times where they were literally: out of time. For most of it, it was really nice to watch and the way she looked and oozed personality really helped the dance. It combined everything that Anton and Emma represent from elegance, class and sophistication. It does upset me that she messed up quite a lot on the timing and syncopation and I cannot ignore that. It was good, but not what I expect from a final showdance.

Kelvin and Oti

Except maybe one or two times when he nearly stumbled, this was what I love from a showdance – an amalgamation of all the dances he’s good at. We saw Tango, jive, charleston, Lindy and thats just to name a few. It just combined everything I love about Kelvin from the ability to dance at such a quick speed, the jam packed content and those hips. As always, Oti knows how to bring the best out of Kelvin and this choreography did that so well. I always love seeing how much people improve over the series and seeing all of these dances and how much he’s improved, it’s crazy for me to think that Kelvin wasn’t even meant to be in the competition to start with. Apart from the amazing dancing, he just has this personality and way about him that draws you in. It was so good!

Judges Choice

Karim and Amy – Quickstep

A usual, and like before, this dance never ceases to amaze me – it scares me how hard it is to know who the pro and who the celebrity is. As always, this dance had perfect footwork, amazing frame and just looked effortless from start to the end. What makes this stand out is those little things he does that oozes his personality from a slight shoulder shrug to the little wink or look on his face. Karim is a natural charmer and it just makes this dance even more exciting to watch. That combined with how well he works with Amy just makes this the perfect dance for the perfect couple with an amazing song and concept. The two of them look like you could just pick them out of the 1920s in those bright red suits and puffy skirt. It was as enjoyable, if not more, than the last time they did it.

Emma and Anton – Charleston

I did enjoy watching this dance the first time and I enjoyed it again. It was definitely the strongest dance Emma has done and suits her personality to a tee. She had the swivel, the personality and charm that this dance needs and it was amazing choreography! Sometimes i didnt think her and Anton were in perfect sync with each other and something seemed to be missing. However, she epitomises what the dance is meant to be and she had this little charm that makes a Charleston what it is. Everything from the dance to the song to the outfit just works and it perfect for the final. The judges did a great service to Emma for picking this dance for her.

Kelvin and Oti – Rumba

I was a bit disappointed when the judges picked this dance, because Kelvins had so many amazing dances. However, out of every Rumba, this is one that I always enjoy watching and today was no exception. It’s one of the hardest dances for a male, but Kelvin seemed to do it so effortlessly. From the way he moves with Oti across the floor to the technical aspects: the finger placements, the steps, the hips and everything. Combining that’s with the emotion and storytelling he does in every dance, it just works perfectly. Oti and Kelvin have this partnership unlike any other and they work as one moving their bodies as if they’ve known each other their whole lives. It was subtle, masculine and just beautiful. Unlike any rumba I’ve ever seen.

It’s Strictly final time!!!!

Kelvin & Oti – Quickstep – 10, 10, 10, 10 40

This dance was classy, traditional and clean. Kelvin’s frame was impeccable and he kept the it throughout the whole dance. Agreed with bruno his musicality was on point, partnering with Oti us Outstanding, truly a perfect performance.

Kelvin & Oti – Paso Doble – 9, 10, 9, 9 37

Shaping to die for and his knee slides were incredible. Kelvin was strong and powerful and maintained this throughout the dance. This is how the Paso should be danced.

Strictly Dances – Part 3

Emma and Anton – Waltz

Well wasn’t that lovely… and definitely so much better than her last dance. Apart from occasional gapping and sometimes being too much on Anton’s side, it was a beautiful dance and everything came together from the dress to the music to the partner to the choreography. It was such a simple dance, but her and Anton worked as if they were one and they dont call him the King of Ballroom for nothing. The choreography was perfect and so elegant and just showed Emma off in the perfect way. It all just blended together and the small changes in music with the changes of movement just blended together. It was almost as if the two of them were gliding on air as they floated across the floor – it was heavenly.

Kelvin and Oti – Paso Doble

Holy cow, what a night it’s been for Kelvin and oti – I dont even have words for this dance. From the amazing song, to the choreography, to the outfits – I mean this was fire burning. He had this passion, intensity and that was just the character. Never mind the technique. We had literally everything you want in this dance. There was beautiful shapes in the arms, body and legs, Amazing knee slides and just everything was done with staccato. Everything was done amazingly together and it all just seemed to come together. I do not know what the judges were on but I bloody loved it! There was nothing I disliked about it.

Strictly Dances – Part 1

Emma and Anton – cha cha

It’s the semi finals and I was really disappointed with that performance. I will give her credit because the cha cha is one of the hardest dances, but I just didn’t see the technique that I love. There were no straight legs, no hip action and it all just seemed very careful and nervous. She did have an amazing face throughout and really sold the dance from the start to end. I think the issue was that she just seemed so scared and nervous, that it almost seemed timid. I also dont think that the music helped and was not a good song for this dance. However, she tried very hard and I think she was unlucky to get this dance so late in the competition.

Kelvin and Oti – Quickstep

On a more positive note to start the semi final, what an amazing dance. From the second both Oti and Kelvin stepped onto the stage, it was pure magic. It helped that they probably had one of the best possible songs, concepts and outfits humanly possible. But also, the technique was second to none. It was light and elegant throughout with picture perfect footwork in a crazy complicated choreographed dance. Add that to the fact that his framework was solid from start to end and how the two danced together, just made it so amazing. It combined your traditional quickstep with the charisma in the solo bits to really play to Kelvin’s strengths. Honestly, it was so magical and I couldn’t tell who the pro was if I didnt know!

Kelvin & Oti – Beauty & the Beast – American Smooth – 9, 10, 10, 10 39

Kelvin was fantastic at interacting with other dancers, his frame was amazing and much improved and the lift was very strong and confident. The table section was incredible, that amazing freckle and the brilliant ending with the lamp swing. Kelvin was completely in the role and portrayed Gaston brilliantly all while delivering a stellar American Smooth.

Kelvin and Oti – (sorry I got too excited seeing Luke Evans that I didnt hear the dance)

When i first heard they were dancing to this, I wanted to scream. I love Beauty and the Beast and especially Gaston, like I got excited from the second Luke Evans got on the stage. Luckily, it met every single one of my expectations. Okay, the only criticism I had was that sometimes it might have been a bit too camp for the character of Gaston. But, except for that, I cannot complain. The technique was second to none from the footwork, the frame and the way he interacted with the people around him. They really put on an amazing show with some amazing lifts and, by god, he could really pass as Gaston with the beautiful Oti as his Belle. The entire thing just worked perfectly together from the song to the outfit to the set. It was a great tribute to the song and this is what musical week is meant to be about!

Kelvin & Oti – Street Commercial – 8, 10, 10, 10 38

I Loved seeing northern soul in the ballroom, Kelvin looked like he was having so much fun and I think it was a really good concept. I agree with Motsi that it was very earthy and I also think it had a lot of intent.

Kelvin & Oti – Jive – 9, 10, 10, 10 39

Kelvin was Outstanding in this dance, I will admit that when watching the rehearsal snippet on It Takes Two I was a little bit worried as he looked stompy and clunky, but bou did he prove me wrong!!! His kicks and flicks were sublime, and his facial expressions and characterisation were on point. He managed to maintain the energy and keep in sync and in time with Oti throughout.