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She absolutely smashed it this series, producing some wonderful performances and improving week on week and was a true joy to watch. Lauren broke down boundaries and showed that not matter what obstacles are in your way, if you work hard and are determined you can do anything. I loved the fact that she came into the show wanting to win and not showing any signs of her disability stopping her from doing so.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Best of Lauren Steadman

Lauren & AJ – 31 (7,8,8,8) – Tango

Another great ballroom dance from Lauren, they were definetly her strong suit. She has definetly grown in confidence and I think that it is partly due to her having to get into characters, like she did for this one, it allowed her to become someelse and not be so vulnerable. She was a powerhouse and I really enjoyed this dance.

Samba – 23 (5,6,6,6)

Unfortunealy, her Latin has never been her best and this Samba was no different. There were a few awkward moments and she didn’t look as comfortable out of hold and without a character.

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Lauren & AJ this week. They were so close to the final and I really believe that they should have been in it. The journey that Lauren has been in has been incredible to watch, to see how much she has improved in her dancing but also how much she has grown in confidence as well. She most definetly captured the spirit of Strictly and what being part of the show is really all about, seeing someone who has never danced before be transformed into a fully fledged performer.

Lauren & AJ – 35 (8,9,9,9) – American Smooth

Most definetly Lauren’s best dance. It was well acted and executed, she was able to show some character and a storyline for the first time. Ballroom is her strong suit, she looks more relaxed and confident and is able to have more control.

Lauren & AJ – Argentine Tango – (5,6,7,7)25

A sterling effort from Lauren in what is an incredibly hard dance, with difficult choreography from AJ. It had a very nice atmosphere and mood about. It was just a shame it was not as free flowing and it was meant to and could have been.

Lauren & AJ – Jive – (7,8,8,8) 31

Another successful performance from Lauren, she has definitely come out of her shell in the last couple of weeks and it’s lovely to see that confidence grow. She looked like she was having fun and made very few errors. One of her best dances so far.

Lauren & AJ – Paso Doble – (6,7,8,8) 29

Lauren’s best dance to date, what an improvement. She was so much more confident and it really showed in the delivery of the dance. I think that her having a character that she had to play really helped her get into the mood of the dance and helped with the overall entertainment value as well. I hope this is the start of us seeing her coming out of her she’ll a bit more as well.

Lauren & AJ – Contemporary – ( 4 , 6 , 7 , 7 ) 24

It’s always lovely to see changes to the show and adding the new couples choice is a brilliant idea i think. However, I don’t believe that contemporary played to Lauren’s strengths as it seemed wooden and hesitant in places and didn’t flow the way a contemporary dance should. She gave it a real good go and I loved the story behind it I just don’t think it was her dance.