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The winners of the BEST DANCE OFF are MOLLIE & GEMMA

The semi final dance off is always one of the best in the series as it is the most intense and most important dance off. Only one more couple is getting a place in the final and you can see how much each couple want to be there, it means so much to them, this means that they dance their hearts out and it creates the best dance off on the show.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The best of Mollie King

Mollie & AJ – 24 (4,7,7,6) – Samba

Not the best dance from Mollie, throughout the show she struggled with the Latin dances, but did improve greatly. Unfortunately the Samba just wasn’t her dance.

32 – (8,8,8,8) – Waltz

A much better performance than the Samba. Mollie was always stronger at the ballroom dances and this was a wonderful routine. So beautiful and elegant. I also think she improved her acting skills on the show as well, as they really shine through in this dance.

Sad to see Mollie go, she was so close to the final but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Mollie improved massively in her ballroom dances and was so lovely to watch. However it was her Latin that continually let her down through the show and subsequently did on the night. Her and AJ have produced so wonderful routines throughout the show and I think she will take a lot away from doing it.

I really had high expectations because the last time this song was danced to, it was Kevin and Susanna’s amazing samba. I have to admit that she really let loose and put everything into it but there was flaws in there. I saw a number of times where she was out of time with AJ and I couldn’t actually say what those samba rolls were – they just seemed a bit jerky and it didn’t flow together like a samba should! It also looked like she was trying to catch up with AJ and his fast pace and it just seemed a bit out of control. I didn’t expect a lot but, apart from the good solo sections, it was no where near as good as I wanted! But, AJ did fab!

With the final looming in two weeks, message me on who you thinks going to win or who you want to win!

Mollie & AJ – 31 (6,7,9,9) – Rumba – from Grease

A very sweet routine and they acted it brilliantly however it wasn’t much of a rumba in my opinion it lacked basic steps and movements that make the rumba noticeable. Most of the judges comments were about it not being sexy, but in its context and relating it to the musical I think that making it a romantic dance rather than sexy was the right choice from AJ.

Love AJ. Hate Rumba. Love Greece. Meh Mollie… this could go anyway! I don’t want to criticise AJ but, before I do it to Mollie, I need to address this AJ – I think there was way too much faffing at the start and they are going to get slaughtered for all those lifts… which are illegal. I am sorry AJ but it was not your finest house. As for Molly, I didn’t think there was the right amount of emotion in this, there was but the wrong kind: this song isnt meant to be happy throughout and there was too much over-acting for a dance thats meant to be about subtle Sandy. There was some chemistry and her moves did seem fluid that I felt a story, maybe not the right one for this dance but it wasn’t her worst! It was a nice story and the two of them looked great together and the story was nice and romantic *sorry AJ’s still mine*

Mollie & AJ – Quickstep – 31 (7,7,8,9)

A very strong dance for mollie one of her best so far. It was wonderful music and some lovely choreography from AJ, it really showed the best of mollie’s dancing abilities and how much she has improved.

God I don’t even know what to write her because there were just so many things happening in this dance but here’y my points:

– Davood looked extremely dapper in that outfit

– Susan looked out of her depth but really did try

– Kevin didnt look shocked at all when they got eliminated but looked cute when their name got called out

– Molly looked fairly tired toward the end

– Alexandra slayed with her facial expressions

– I expected more from Debbie, if I’m honest